Carrie Underwood – Some Hearts (2005) [FLAC 24 bit, 44,1 kHz]

Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts (2005) [FLAC 24 bit, 44,1 kHz] Download

Artist: Carrie Underwood
Album: Some Hearts
Genre: Country
Release Date: 2005
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 44,1 kHz
Duration: 54:01
Total Tracks: 14
Total Size: 649 MB


1. Carrie Underwood – Wasted (04:34)
2. Carrie Underwood – Don’t Forget To Remember Me (04:00)
3. Carrie Underwood – Some Hearts (03:48)
4. Carrie Underwood – Jesus, Take the Wheel (03:46)
5. Carrie Underwood – The Night Before (Life Goes On) (03:54)
6. Carrie Underwood – Lessons Learned (04:09)
7. Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats (03:19)
8. Carrie Underwood – Starts With Goodbye (04:06)
9. Carrie Underwood – I Just Can’t Live A Lie (03:59)
10. Carrie Underwood – We’re Young And Beautiful (03:53)
11. Carrie Underwood – That’s Where It Is (03:35)
12. Carrie Underwood – Whenever You Remember (03:47)
13. Carrie Underwood – I Ain’t In Checotah Anymore (03:21)
14. Carrie Underwood – Inside Your Heaven (03:44)


Grammy-winning American Idol champ’s 1985 album debut

Oklahoma native Carrie Underwood got Nashville’s attention in an unusual way — by winning the TV talent show American Idol — but her 2005 debut is state-of-the-art mainstream Music City product.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, writes Country Weekly, not when it’s this vibrant, heartfelt and energetic. A belter in the Martina McBride mold, Carrie wisely chose songs appropriate to her age (then 22), focusing on stories of young people leaving home to chase their dreams and make their own mistakes. She makes a few of those mistakes here, but by and large Some Hearts is a heartening debut.So, the powers that be decided that Underwood would be a contemporary country singer in the vein of Faith Hill – she’d sing anthemic country pop, ideal for either country or adult contemporary radio, with none of the delightful tackiness of Shania Twain – and her debut album, Some Hearts, not only hits this mark exactly, it’s better than either album Hill has released since Breathe in 1999. Which isn’t to say that Carrie Underwood is as compelling or as distinctive as a personality or vocalist as Faith Hill: Underwood is still developing her own style and, for as good a singer as she is, she doesn’t have much of a persona beyond that of the girl next door made good. But that’s enough to make Some Hearts work, since she’s surrounded by professionals, headed by producers Mark Bright and Dann Huff, who know how to exploit that persona effectively. While some of the songs drift a little bit toward the generic, especially in regard to the adult contemporary ballads, most of the material is slick, sturdy, and memorable, delivered with conviction by Underwood. She sounds equally convincing on such sentimental fare as “Jesus, Take the Wheel” as on the soaring pop “Some Hearts,” and even if she doesn’t exactly sound tough on the strutting “Before He Cheats,” she does growl with a fair amount of passion. In fact, the worst thing here is her chart-topping post-American Idol hit “Inside Your Heaven,” which is as formulaic as the mainstream country-pop that comprises the rest of Some Hearts, but with one crucial difference: the formula doesn’t work, the song is too sappy and transparent, the arrangement too cold. On the rest of Some Hearts, everything clicks – the production is warm, the tunes inoffensive but ingratiating, it straddles the country and pop worlds with ease, and most importantly, it’s every bit as likeable as Carrie was on American Idol. Which means that even if she’s not nearly as sassy or charismatic as Kelly Clarkson – she’s not as spunky as Nashville Star finalist Miranda Lambert, for that matter – Carrie Underwood has delivered the best post-AmIdol record since Clarkson’s debut.

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