Lorenzo Feliciati – Elevator Man (2017) [FLAC 24 bit, 48 kHz]

Lorenzo Feliciati - Elevator Man (2017) [FLAC 24 bit, 48 kHz] Download

Artist: Lorenzo Feliciati
Album: Elevator Man
Genre: Jazz Fusion, Jazz Rock
Release Date: 2017
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 48 kHz
Duration: 58:34
Total Tracks: 10
Total Size: 683 MB


1-01. Lorenzo Feliciati – Elevator Man (05:53)
1-02. Lorenzo Feliciati – The Brick (07:25)
1-03. Lorenzo Feliciati – 14 Stones (07:47)
1-04. Lorenzo Feliciati – Black Book, Red Letters (07:31)
1-05. Lorenzo Feliciati – Three Women (05:30)
1-06. Lorenzo Feliciati – Unchained Houdini (04:16)
1-07. Lorenzo Feliciati – The Third Door (05:50)
1-08. Lorenzo Feliciati – S.O.S. (05:33)
1-09. Lorenzo Feliciati – Thief Like Me (05:24)
1-10. Lorenzo Feliciati – U Turn in Falmouth (03:21)


As a follow-up to his most personal project to date – 2015’s “KOI” – in-demand Italian Jazz-Rock bassist Lorenzo Feliciati has upped the ante on “Elevator Man”, a powerhouse recording with echoes of King Crimson, Allan Holdsworth and other Progressive Rock icons. His new album features a rotating cast of stellar musicians, including King Crimson’s drummer Pat Mastelotto, former Holdsworth/Zappa’s drummer Chad Wackerman, Swedish guitar shredder Mattias IA Eklundh (of the Jonas Hellborg Trio and Art Metal), Italian Progressive metal Muitarist Marco Sfogli (currently of the legendary Italian Prog Rock band Premiata Forneria Marconi, aka PFM), trumpeter Cuong Vu and his Naked Truth and Mumpbeak bandmate Roy Powell on distortion-laced clavinet. As well as composing and arranging all the material, Feliciati plays fretted and fretless basses, electric guitar and keyboards on his seventh and most potent recording as a leader to date.Lorenzo Feliciati’s career is split between his role as one of Italy’s greatest studio and live professional musicians and his evolving career as one of the contemporary electric bass greats – but what sets him truly apart are his talents as composer, arranger and producer.

“Elevator Man has a different lineup on every song. It’s the same ‘one song-one line up’ philosophy that I used on Frequent Flyer, but this time all the music for Elevator Man was composed at the same time, in a three-month period. So I was probably able to concentrate more and think more deeply about the direction of the album. And while a varied stylistic approach is something I always try to achieve, this one has a more clear Prog Rock flavor that was a planned decision. After KOI, I felt the need to move from the soundtrack-ambient soundscapes attitude that is a crucial ingredient of both KOI and Twinscapes, my duo project with bassist Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree, to a more songs-oriented project”. – Lorenzo Feliciati

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