Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Esencial Diego ‘El Cigala’ (2015) [FLAC 24 bit, 44,1 kHz]

Diego 'El Cigala' - Esencial Diego 'El Cigala' (2015) [FLAC 24 bit, 44,1 kHz] Download

Artist: Diego ‘El Cigala’
Album: Esencial Diego ‘El Cigala’
Genre: Latin, Flamenco
Release Date: 2015
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 44,1 kHz
Duration: 02:13:22
Total Tracks: 30
Total Size: 1,42 GB


01. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Chanelando – Pintor (Tangos) (04:10)
02. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Carmen la Canastera (Bulería) (04:20)
03. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Apenao – Toro (Rumba) (04:09)
04. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – No Me Dejaron Ni Verla (Fandangos de Huelva) (03:31)
05. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Por Los Ríos – Guitarra (Bulería) (03:43)
06. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – La Esperanza de Volar (Rumba) (03:55)
07. Diego ‘El Cigala’ con El Gran Wyoming – Herminia (02:56)
08. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Más Oscura Que La Noche (Cante De Levante) (05:56)
09. Montse Cortes Con Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Sol Y Luna (Bulería) (03:57)
10. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Suspiros De España (02:44)
11. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Madre Hermosa (Bulería) (03:48)
12. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Sobresaltos de Plata (03:35)
13. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Señor del Aire (Guajira) [Dedicado a Juan Valderrama] (03:53)
14. Alejandro Fernández A Duo Con Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Como Quien Pierde una Estrella (05:31)
15. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – El Día Que Yo Muera (Fandangos Naturales) (04:08)
16. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Corren Tiempos de Alegria (Bulería) (03:22)
17. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Luna de Plata – Gitana (Bulería) (05:08)
18. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Fuente del Conocimiento (Solea) (07:25)
19. Diego ‘El Cigala’ con Paco de Lucia – EL Tesorillo (Tientos) (04:40)
20. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Abriendo la Mañana (Bulería) (10:31)
21. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – La Fuente de Bebo (Bulería) (02:44)
22. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Romance – Mar (Sobresaltos de Plata) (03:43)
23. Vicente Amigo con Diego ‘El Cigala’ – La Tarde Es Caramelo (Alegrías) (07:07)
24. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Cadencia Inesperada (Nana) (02:13)
25. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Colorao, Colorao (02:46)
26. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Amar y Vivir (Bolero) (04:04)
27. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Tientos Del Limón (Tientos – Tangos) (08:14)
28. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Malagueño – Azul (De Málaga Malagueñito) (03:23)
29. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Angelitos Negros (04:02)
30. Diego ‘El Cigala’ – Camino de Galilea (03:29)


His full name is Diego Ramón Jiménez Salazar, but to contemporary flamenco fans he’s known as Diego el Cigala, or “the Little Prawn.” The famous flamenco singer José Monje Cruz gave him the nickname because of Diego’s small size and the enormous passion that pours out of him (although, it is also a reference to Cruz’s own nickname, “Camarón,” which is Spanish for “shrimp”). Singing in flamenco enthusiast clubs in Madrid’s Rastro district came first, and then Diego was hired to accompany many of flamenco’s most famous dancers. With the guitarist Antón Jiménez backing him, Diego went “in front” — flamenco slang for having your own career — in 1994. A steady stream of hit albums made him famous in the flamenco community, while the 2004 release Lágrimas Negras with Cuban jazz pianist Bebo Valdés brought international acclaim, with both The New York Times and BBC Radio fawning over it. Two years later, his Sony BMG release Picasso en Mis Ojos would win the 2006 Latin Grammy for Best Flamenco Album.  ~~ Artist Biography by David Jeffries

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