Chico O’Farrill – This Is….Chico O’Farrill Vol 2 (Remastered) (2019) [FLAC 24bit, 44,1 kHz]

Chico O'Farrill - This Is....Chico O'Farrill Vol 2 (Remastered) (2019) [FLAC 24bit, 44,1 kHz] Download

Artist: Chico O’Farrill
Album: This Is….Chico O’Farrill Vol 2 (Remastered)
Genre: Latin Jazz, Big Band
Release Date: 2019
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24bit, 44,1 kHz
Duration: 01:19:06
Total Tracks: 24
Total Size: 615 MB


1-1. Chico O’Farrill – Havana Special (Remastered) (03:04)
1-2. Chico O’Farrill – Carioca (Remastered) (03:07)
1-3. Chico O’Farrill – Fiesta Time (Remastered) (03:18)
1-4. Chico O’Farrill – Heat Wave (Remastered) (02:37)
1-5. Chico O’Farrill – It Ain’t Necessarily So (Remastered) (03:16)
1-6. Chico O’Farrill – Guess What (Remastered) (02:59)
1-7. Chico O’Farrill – Cry Baby Blues (Remastered) (02:51)
1-8. Chico O’Farrill – Lamento (Remastered) (02:40)
1-9. Chico O’Farrill – You Stepped Out of a Dream (Remastered) (02:37)
1-10. Chico O’Farrill – Cachita (Remastered) (02:35)
1-11. Chico O’Farrill – Rumbonsito (Remastered) (02:19)
1-12. Chico O’Farrill – Te Quiero Dijiste (Remastered) (02:23)
1-13. Chico O’Farrill – Siboney (Remastered) (02:50)
1-14. Chico O’Farrill – Angels’ Flight (Remastered) (02:29)
1-15. Chico O’Farrill – Tres Palabras (Remastered) (02:28)
1-16. Chico O’Farrill – No Te Importe Saber (Remastered) (02:20)
1-17. Chico O’Farrill – Vaya con Dios (Remastered) (02:59)
1-18. Chico O’Farrill – Pianarabatibiri (Remastered) (02:22)
1-19. Chico O’Farrill – L.A. Mambo (Remastered) (02:13)
1-20. Chico O’Farrill – Quiereme Mucho (Remastered) (02:29)
1-21. Chico O’Farrill – More Mambo (Remastered) (02:51)
1-22. Chico O’Farrill – Mambo For Bunto (Remastered) (02:14)
1-23. Chico O’Farrill – Botellero (Remastered) (02:41)
1-24. Chico O’Farrill – Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite (Remastered) (17:16)


RevOla compilation from recordings from end of 40ties and early 50ties with front cover of jazz suite from 1952
This Second Suite is marked by distinctively darker colours right at the onset of the first movement. The five trumpets heed the clarion calling of the three trombones, while the bongos keep the pulse of the piece going. Even the woodwinds and reeds are subdued—even over-powered—by the brass. In terms of drama, the Second Suite is much like the first, but there is also an attempt, successful, I might add, to imply fecundity as well as substance. There is, of course, much more that delights here. Mr. O’Farrill’s Orchestra is entirely self-assured and features an unreservedly brilliant solo by Flip Phillips, who returns for this engagement as well. The ensemble, unique in collective insight, in tempo-management (which is more demanding here), articulation of melodic design and assessment of harmonic weight, unfolds the substance of the suite. The first movement (as stated) is dark and nowhere near con spirito. Phrases are slowed down and even dislocated and disturbing. Passionate fervour once again dominates the movement entitled “Jazz and Transition”. It is interesting also to note that the words are flipped from the similar movement in the first Suite. Suddenly strange intimations of threnody intrude the adroit zip of the piece bringing soft undertones to the fugal finale.

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