Carlos Lyra – Bossa Nova! (Depois Do Carnaval) (1963/2022) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz]

Carlos Lyra - Bossa Nova! (Depois Do Carnaval) (1963/2022) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz] Download

Artist: Carlos Lyra
Album: Bossa Nova! (Depois Do Carnaval)
Genre: Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz
Release Date: 1963/2022
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 96 kHz
Duration: 01:15:59
Total Tracks: 32
Total Size: 1,24 GB


1-1. Carlos Lyra – Tem Do De Mim (Remastered) (02:10)
1-2. Carlos Lyra – So Amor (Remastered) (01:46)
1-3. Carlos Lyra – De Quem Ama (Remastered) (02:41)
1-4. Carlos Lyra – Aonde Andou Voce (Remastered) (02:07)
1-5. Carlos Lyra – Vem Di Amor (Remastered) (02:07)
1-6. Carlos Lyra – Nada Como Ter Amor (Remastered) (01:50)
1-7. Carlos Lyra – So Nao Vem Voce (Remastered) (01:46)
1-8. Carlos Lyra – Coisa Mais Linda (Remastered) (01:34)
1-9. Carlos Lyra – Primeira Namorada (Remastered) (02:22)
1-10. Carlos Lyra – Com Voce E Pior (Remastered) (02:17)
1-11. Carlos Lyra – Nos Dois (Remastered) (02:56)
1-12. Carlos Lyra – Caminho Do Adeus (Remastered) (02:11)
1-13. Carlos Lyra – Voce E Eu (Remastered) (01:06)
1-14. Carlos Lyra – Mister Golden (Remastered) (02:02)
1-15. Carlos Lyra – Chora Tua Tristeza (Remastered) (02:39)
1-16. Carlos Lyra – Ciúme (Remastered) (03:06)
1-17. Carlos Lyra – Barquinho De Papel (Remastered) (02:41)
1-18. Carlos Lyra – Rapaz De Bem (Remastered) (03:22)
1-19. Carlos Lyra – Só Mesmo Por Amor (Remastered) (03:06)
1-20. Carlos Lyra – Gosto De Você (Remastered) (02:12)
1-21. Carlos Lyra – Quando Chegares (Remastered) (03:09)
1-22. Carlos Lyra – Maria Ninguém (Remastered) (02:59)
1-23. Carlos Lyra – Canção Do Olhar Amado (Remastered) (02:36)
1-24. Carlos Lyra – O Bem Do Amor (Remastered) (02:27)
1-25. Carlos Lyra – Menina (Remastered) (02:56)
1-26. Carlos Lyra – Sem Saudade De Você (Remastered) (02:30)
1-27. Carlos Lyra – Lobo Bôbo (Remastered) (01:22)
1-28. Carlos Lyra – Se E Tarde Me Perdoa (Remastered) (01:48)
1-29. Carlos Lyra – Ciúme (Remastered) (02:18)
1-30. Carlos Lyra – Criticando (Remastered) (03:06)
1-31. Carlos Lyra – Se E Tarde Me Perdoa (Remastered) (01:46)
1-32. Carlos Lyra – Menina (Remastered) (02:47)


Carlos Eduardo Lyra Barbosa (born May 11, 1939 in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian musician (singer, guitarist and composer) who has written numerous classical pieces of the Bossa Nova and Música Popular Brasileira.Together with Roberto Menescal, Lyra founded a guitar school, from which musicians such as Edu Lobo, Marcos Valle, Nara Leão or Ronaldo Bôscoli emerged. In 1954, Geraldo Vandré introduced his song Menina, which was recorded a year later by Sylvia Telles. in 1958 Os Cariocas recorded his Criticando, the following year João Gilberto presented three of Lyra’s pieces on his album Chega de Saudade (“Maria Ninguém”, ” “Lobo Bobo” and “Saudade Fez um Samba”). In the same year, Lyra got the opportunity to release his first album. He also wrote the theatre music for the play A mais-valia vai acabar, seu Edgar by Vianinha. Together with Vinícius de Moraes, he wrote classic Bossa Nova songs such as “Você e Eu”, “Minha Namorada”, “Marcha da Quarta-Feira de Cinzas” or “Coisa Mais Linda”. in 1961 he was one of the founders of the Centro Popular de Cultura, where protest songs were created; for example, he wrote the “Samba da Legalidade” with Zé Kéti. he performed at Carnegie Hall in 1962 and at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1964. He toured Europe with Stan Getz the same year; the following year he recorded with Paul Winter.

in 1965 he went into exile in Mexico, where he remained until 1971, writing mainly theater and film music. in 1983 he began working with Paulo César Pinheiro. in 1987 he performed in Spain with Caetano Veloso, Toquinho and Nana Caymmi. in 1988 he toured Japan with Leila Pinheiro and the Quarteto em Cy. in 1992, Lyra performed in Europe with Gerry Mulligan and Gary Burton, and in 1997 made guest appearances in Japan with Roberto Menescal, Leila Pinheiro and Astrud Gilberto. He continued to be active as a composer. his autobiography Eu e a bossa was published in 2008.

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