Bad Company – Burnin’ Sky (Deluxe) (1977/2017) [FLAC 24bit, 96 kHz]

Bad Company - Burnin' Sky (Deluxe) (1977/2017) [FLAC 24bit, 96 kHz] Download

Artist: Bad Company
Album: Burnin’ Sky (Deluxe)
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 1977/2017
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24bit, 96 kHz
Duration: 01:36:50
Total Tracks: 26
Total Size: 1,98 GB


1-01. Bad Company – Burnin’ Sky (Remastered) (05:10)
1-02. Bad Company – Morning Sun (Remastered) (04:07)
1-03. Bad Company – Leaving You (Remastered) (03:24)
1-04. Bad Company – Like Water (Remastered) (04:19)
1-05. Bad Company – Knapsack (The Happy Wanderer) [Remastered] (01:20)
1-06. Bad Company – Everything I Need (Remastered) (03:28)
1-07. Bad Company – Heartbeat (Remastered) (02:37)
1-08. Bad Company – Peace Of Mind (Remastered) (03:25)
1-09. Bad Company – Passing Time (Remastered) (02:31)
1-10. Bad Company – Too Bad (Remastered) (03:53)
1-11. Bad Company – Man Needs Woman (Remastered) (03:45)
1-12. Bad Company – Master Of Ceremony (Remastered) (07:10)
2-01. Bad Company – Burnin’ Sky (Take 2, Alternative Vocal & Guitar) (04:48)
2-02. Bad Company – Morning Sun (Take 3, Early Version) (04:16)
2-03. Bad Company – Leaving You (Take 1, Alternative Vocal) (03:25)
2-04. Bad Company – Like Water (Take 1, Rough Mix) (04:22)
2-05. Bad Company – Knapsack (The Happy Wanderer) [Early Run Through] (02:01)
2-06. Bad Company – Everything I Need (Take 2, Rough Mix) (03:30)
2-07. Bad Company – Peace Of Mind (Alternative Version) (03:26)
2-08. Bad Company – Passing Time (Alternative Vocal) (02:26)
2-09. Bad Company – Too Bad (Full Version) (04:03)
2-10. Bad Company – Man Needs Woman (Alternative Vocal & Guitar) (03:45)
2-11. Bad Company – Too Bad (Early Version, Mick Ralphs Vocal) (03:57)
2-12. Bad Company – Man Needs Woman (Take 2, Early Version, Mick Ralphs Vocal) (03:24)
2-13. Bad Company – Burnin’ Sky (Take 1, Alternative Vocal) (04:49)
2-14. Bad Company – Unfinished Story (03:16)


Newly remastered version of Bad Company’s fourth album. Includes bonus disc with alternative mixes, demos and outtakes. Features unreleased versions of nearly every song on the album, including alternative takes and mixes of Man Needs A Woman and Morning Sun, plus the full version of Too Bad. The session tapes also unearthed Unfinished Story, a song that was completed, but never released.The string finally ran out for Bad Company with their fourth album, Burnin’ Sky. Their approach was so simple that it almost inevitably became formulaic, and although Mick Ralphs continued to screech with his sparse guitar leads and Paul Rodgers continued to present his lust in a soulful voice — well, one had heard it all before several times by now. A band that begins life declaring “I can’t get enough of your love” doesn’t really have anywhere to go, and by this, their fourth album, Bad Company were getting sloppy around the edges, tossing in a ’50s pastiche in “Everything I Need,” crooning “The Happy Wanderer” as if they were on a drunken pub crawl. There were plenty of those patented ominous midtempo rockers, too, of course, but nothing you’d want to add to the set list. Of course, the real reason this was the first of the band’s LPs to miss the Top Ten in the U.S. and the U.K. is that last point: only one hit single in the title track. Clearly, it was time to try something new, but after three years of stadium rocking, what Bad Company wanted to try instead was a vacation; they weren’t heard from again for two years. – William Ruhlmann

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