Alva Noto – Kinder der Sonne (From “Komplizen”) (2023) [FLAC 24 bit, 48 kHz]

Artist: Alva Noto
Album: Kinder der Sonne (From “Komplizen”)
Genre: Electronic, Ambient, Soundtrack
Release Date: 2023
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 48 kHz
Duration: 01:15:15
Total Tracks: 14
Total Size: 774 MB


1-01. Alva Noto – Kinder der Sonne (Intro) (04:01)
1-02. Alva Noto – Verlauf (03:42)
1-03. Alva Noto – Die Untergründigen (08:17)
1-04. Alva Noto – Sehnsuchtsvoll (07:32)
1-05. Alva Noto – Ungewissheit im Sinus (06:10)
1-06. Alva Noto – Kinder der Sonne – Reprise (06:30)
1-07. Alva Noto – Unwohl (03:01)
1-08. Alva Noto – Sehnsuchtsvoll – Reverso (06:51)
1-09. Alva Noto – Ungewiss (06:40)
1-10. Alva Noto – Aufstand (05:25)
1-11. Alva Noto – Die Undergründigen – Redux (04:55)
1-12. Alva Noto – Virus (05:01)
1-13. Alva Noto – Son (01:09)
1-14. Alva Noto – Nie anhaltender Strom (05:54)


Alva Noto soundtracks Simon Stone’s theatre piece ‘Komplizen’ with a suite of sci-fi zoners with a romantic, oceanic depth sealed by his prized production methods.Pregnant with dread and metaphysical presence, the soundtrack is Alva Noto’s first since his celebrated work with Ryuichi Sakamoto on ‘The Revenant’ in 2015. Supplying atmospheric colour to stage, rather than screen, ‘Kinder Der Sonne’ takes its title from Maxim Gorky’s Russian revolution play ‘Children of the Sun’, which forms the basis for Simon Stone’s ‘Komplizen’, performed by the Burgtheater Ensemble. In context of its origins, the music follows with Alva Noto clearly relishing the opportunity to deploy his coldest tones, icicle keys and projections of imaginary space, but also exercising his romantic side with flashes of the sort of widescreen pathos that lit up his cult ‘Xerrox’ series, and reflected in his re-staging of moody pop classics by The Cure and Bowie in recent years.

As previewed in its lead single ‘Die Untergründigen’, there’s a rich depth to the surface stillness of ‘Kinder der Sonne’ that rewards playback on a good system but will likely also be well represented on conventional set-ups. The precisely isolated string shivers of the intro and the cracked minimalist lacquer of keys in ‘Sehsuchtsvoll’ feels like a more maximalist echo of his early Sakamoto collaborations. But if you’re hankering for those pure sound design skills, check for the gloaming shapes of ‘Unwohl’ and the glassy tension ruptured by digital noise in ‘Aufstand’, or the resonant sferic plangency of ‘Ungewissheit im Sinus’ and the doomy invocation of the album closer.

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