Adam Lastiwka – Travelers: Season 2 (Original Series Soundtrack) (2018) [FLAC, 24bit, 48 kHz]

Adam Lastiwka - Travelers: Season 2 (Original Series Soundtrack) (2018) [FLAC, 24bit, 48 kHz] Download

Artist: Adam Lastiwka
Album: Travelers: Season 2 (Original Series Soundtrack)
Genre: Soundtrack
Release Date: 2018
Audio Format: FLAC (tracks) 24bit, 48 kHz
Duration: 57:41
Total Tracks: 21
Total Size: 578 MB


1. Adam Lastiwka – Arrival (01:51)
2. Adam Lastiwka – Vincent (04:04)
3. Adam Lastiwka – Killzone (03:48)
4. Adam Lastiwka – The Faction (02:46)
5. Adam Lastiwka – Carrie, Plz Stop Dying (02:45)
6. Adam Lastiwka – Close Call (03:17)
7. Adam Lastiwka – Marcy Wanders (04:24)
8. Adam Lastiwka – Contagion (02:55)
9. Adam Lastiwka – Desolate (02:18)
10. Adam Lastiwka – Timelapse (02:55)
11. Adam Lastiwka – Stargaze (02:58)
12. Adam Lastiwka – Important Work (03:24)
13. Adam Lastiwka – Insides (01:48)
14. Adam Lastiwka – On Transmigration (02:29)
15. Adam Lastiwka – Kat (01:50)
16. Adam Lastiwka – Mac ’n’ Kat (03:05)
17. Adam Lastiwka – Overwrite (01:57)
18. Adam Lastiwka – Simon (04:32)
19. Adam Lastiwka – Tao Of David (01:05)
20. Adam Lastiwka – Trevor (01:16)
21. Adam Lastiwka – The Director Taketh (02:06)

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At seventeen, Lastiwka distinguished himself as a pioneer of the home studio-based recording movement with a three-album record contract. Simultaneously, he discovered the work of minimalist composers Philip Glass and Steve Reich, and others including Aphex twin, Igor Stravinksy and the Silk Road Ensemble. Perhaps most notably, it was at this time that Lastiwka first experienced Peter Gabriel’s score to ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’, which would ignite his focus to scoring for picture. While working at a music store, Lastiwka met award-winning Berklee trained Composer Shawn Pierce, and began an apprenticeship that lasted over seven years. He had the good fortune to work on such shows as the FX series ‘The Bridge’, four seasons of the ABC/CTV series ‘Motive’ the horror series ‘Slasher’ and the Stephen King Syfy hit ‘Haven’.
Lastiwka’s commitment to the craft has been demonstrated by the breadth and caliber of the projects he’s been part of, which range from hundreds of episodes of television and documentaries to feature films, advertisements, trailers, and dozens of full length albums. His multitude of credits include scoring the globally renowned documentary series ‘Yukon Gold’, Food Network favorite ‘Eat Street’, numerous placements such as the Ridley Scott-directed ‘Body of Lies’, ‘The Nice Guys’ and the trailer for 2017 Oscar contender ‘Hostiles’. His fresh, unique and symbiotic commitment to scoring and composition lends itself to a heightened final product in whatever context he’s working. Lastiwka believes in delivering tailored scores to every client and project, and in keeping with that goal, he has dedicated himself to learning the widest possible variety of musical instruments from all corners of the globe. He can fluently perform – and and regularly records – nearly seventy-five instruments. He engages a multitude of live instruments on all of his scores, and he has developed his own distinct voice in all the technical aspects of music creation including mixing, production, sound design, arranging and orchestration.

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