Scherzi Musicali, Nicolas Achten – Il Pianto d’Orfeo – The Birth of Opera (2014) [FLAC 24 bit, 88,2 kHz]

Scherzi Musicali, Nicolas Achten - Il Pianto d'Orfeo - The Birth of Opera (2014) [FLAC 24 bit, 88,2 kHz] Download

Artist: Scherzi Musicali, Nicolas Achten
Album: Il Pianto d’Orfeo – The Birth of Opera
Genre: Classical, Opera
Release Date: 2014
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 88,2 kHz
Duration: 01:15:47
Total Tracks: 26
Total Size: 1,15 GB


1-01. Nicolas Achten – L’Orfeo: Sinfonia (02:37)
1-02. Nicolas Achten – Curtio precipitato et altri capricii, Libro secondo: “Folle è ben che si crede” (03:49)
1-03. Nicolas Achten – La Pellegrina: Aria di Fiorenza (02:01)
1-04. Nicolas Achten – L’Euridice: “Antri ch’à miei lamenti” (02:28)
1-05. Nicolas Achten – L’Orfeo: “All’imperio d’Amore” (01:14)
1-06. Nicolas Achten – L’Orfeo: “Rosa del ciel” (02:03)
1-07. Nicolas Achten – L’Orfeo: “Mio ben, teco il tormento” (03:12)
1-08. Nicolas Achten – L’Orfeo: “Vi ricorda, o boschi ombrosi” (02:11)
1-09. Nicolas Achten – Intavolatura Di Liuto Et Di Chitarrone, Libro Primo: Toccata XIII (02:26)
1-10. Nicolas Achten – L’Orfeo: “Tu se’ morta” (02:19)
1-11. Nicolas Achten – Le Nuove Musiche: Aria di romanesca (01:30)
1-12. Nicolas Achten – Caccini-L’Euridice: “Non piango, e non sospiro” (01:27)
1-13. Nicolas Achten – Peri-L’Euridice: “Non piango, e non sospiro” (01:34)
1-14. Nicolas Achten – Le Nuove Musiche: Aria di romanesca (00:43)
1-15. Nicolas Achten – Le Nuove Musiche: Movetevi à pietà (02:51)
1-16. Nicolas Achten – L’Euridice: “Funeste piagge” (04:02)
1-17. Nicolas Achten – Il primo libro di Canzone, Sinfonie, Fantasie, Capricci, Brandi, Correnti, Gagliarde, Alemanne, Volte: La suave melodia (05:06)
1-18. Nicolas Achten – L’Euridice: “Funeste piagge” (05:27)
1-19. Nicolas Achten – L’Orfeo: “Orfeo, tu dormi?” (02:26)
1-20. Nicolas Achten – L’Orfeo: “Se desti pietà” (01:26)
1-21. Nicolas Achten – L’Orfeo: “Possente spirto” (10:05)
1-22. Nicolas Achten – L’Orfeo: Sinfonia (01:04)
1-23. Nicolas Achten – L’Orfeo: “Ahi vista troppo dolce” (01:04)
1-24. Nicolas Achten – Les pleurs d’Orphée aillant perdu sa femme (03:16)
1-25. Nicolas Achten – Il libro quinto d’arie: “Muove Orfeo l’empia Dite” (02:36)
1-26. Nicolas Achten – L’Orfeo: “Lasciate Averno” (06:38)


This album retraces the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, comparing and contrasting different interpretations by major composers of the 16th century, including Monteverdi, Rossi and Caccini. Baritone, harpsichordist, lutenist, harpist and artistic director, Nicolas Achten is the rising figure in the world of early music. He is one of the few classical singers to accompany himself on various instruments, reviving this historical practice. Born in Brussels in 1985, he studied singing, lute, harpsichord and triple harp at the Royal Conservatories of Brussels and the Hague, and completed his training at various masterclasses, including the Académie baroque d’Ambronay and the Centre de la Voix de Royaumont.“The seamless narrative is organised into six subsections that follow the plot of the myth, connected together by instrumental pieces such as warmly played sinfonias by Rossi and music by Cavalieri…this captivating experience is enriched by Deborah York’s five contributions” (Gramophone)

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