Olivier Le Goas – Reciprocity (2016) [FLAC, 24bit, 96 kHz]

Olivier Le Goas - Reciprocity (2016) [FLAC, 24bit, 96 kHz] Download

Artist: Olivier Le Goas
Album: Reciprocity
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2016
Audio Format: FLAC (tracks) 24bit, 96 kHz
Duration: 57:28
Total Tracks: 8
Total Size: 1,15 GB


1. Olivier Le Goas – Corners (04:37)
2. Olivier Le Goas – Main Street (07:50)
3. Olivier Le Goas – Since I Know (08:01)
4. Olivier Le Goas – Curves and Colors (05:26)
5. Olivier Le Goas – Day Home (06:36)
6. Olivier Le Goas – Call (09:01)
7. Olivier Le Goas – Cécile (08:51)
8. Olivier Le Goas – Evision (07:03)

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Group leader on the album ‘Reciprocity’ is the French drummer Olivier Le Goas. He played in New York and in France, England and the US made some name. For this CD he invited three American musicians: pianist Kevin Hays, bassist Phil Donkin and guitar prodigy Nir Felder. Hays has worked with a host of big names in jazz. Donkin is currently playing in Germany among others trombonist Nils Wogram. And New Yorker Felder has now built up the necessary reputation. His guitar is almost as clean tuned as those of Pat Metheny in his jazz trios. All four are dyed in the wool. And you can hear that. The title of the CD interaction in Dutch, is typical of the music. The four function at a high level. All pieces are hand drummer Le Goas. He made rounded integers of. Wholes that give me pleasure. This quartet gives his music a voltage arc along. Thereby swings it. They have managed to forge the pieces into a single entity. In addition, their music is accessible, without that it is flat. This is due to the compositions, to the interaction, and to the fact that a piano is in the acoustic spectrum here. A melodious and exciting whole.
Oliver says they were the different steps and what has been decisive in the making of the album:

‘It was early in 2014. My septet album was released in the autumn of the previous year. I had a project for my next album to record new music that I had already started to write some. I wanted to go back to a smaller size, in small groups without still have very specific ideas about line-up including.

I had already listened to Nir in concert club in Paris few years ago, but it is by listening during a promotionnal tour of his latest album I was really charmed by his playing and his music.

We met again during a stay in Canada. We met around ours respectively compositions, and looking for a guitar player I pretty quickly asked him if he wanted to participate in the recording of my new album that I prepared, and I was planning to carry out the following year. I also spoke to him of Bauer Studios where I really wanted to record the album. After he accepted we decided together then immediately the agreed period.

Oliver continues on the next steps including the choice of other group member:

‘I noticed that many of the groups, and music, I listened, and loved, was including a guitar and a piano. I was really excited about the idea of experimenting with something that was new to me.

​So I decided to include a piano and contact Kevin, wich I had the opportunity to go listen him during a concert he gave a dozen years ago in Paris, and wich he for me is true revelation particular for his rhythmic placement.

I also decided also to bring a double bass. While bassist planned to record made me good fake, I remember that Nir had talked to me about an incredible bass player with whom he played regularly, and lived in Europe. So I contact Phil who had made a significant contribution to the music.​

Little by little, all this built itself, and everything was set up until we found ourselves for the session

Oliver continues, and finish about the session

‘I took a month and writing music for this great new band, and bring the material for the session.

I can say that I did not know which direction the music would take before we all were interpreting Nir, Kevin, Phil and myself. And it was really a great joy to see that everything was fine and that everyone could find its place and enjoy the game.

I can say finally that I am infinitely grateful to Nir, Kevin, and Phil who without them this music would not exist.’

‘Le Goas has a distinctive, full-of-surprises, off-kilter drumming style, one that enhances and punctuates with exclamation points the lubricious flow of this unfailingly engaging music.’

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