Oingo Boingo – Nothing To Fear (1982/2021) [FLAC, 24bit, 192 kHz]

Oingo Boingo - Nothing To Fear (1982/2021) [FLAC, 24bit, 192 kHz] Download

Artist: Oingo Boingo
Album: Nothing To Fear
Genre: New Wave, Art Rock
Release Date: 1982/2021
Audio Format: FLAC (tracks) 24bit, 192 kHz
Duration: 41:30
Total Tracks: 10
Total Size: 1,68 GB


1. Oingo Boingo – Grey Matter (05:51)
2. Oingo Boingo – Insects (03:04)
3. Oingo Boingo – Private Life (03:16)
4. Oingo Boingo – Wild Sex (In The Working Class) (04:07)
5. Oingo Boingo – Running On A Treadmill (03:21)
6. Oingo Boingo – Whole Day Off (03:56)
7. Oingo Boingo – Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself) (03:54)
8. Oingo Boingo – Why’d We Come (03:57)
9. Oingo Boingo – Islands (04:41)
10. Oingo Boingo – Reptiles And Samurai (05:18)

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Though Nothing to Fear is by no means Oingo Boingo’s best album, it is certainly not as bad as many near-sighted critics have asserted. Elfman’s songwriting, even when he’s not firing on all cylinders, still blows the hinges off most of his peers on their best days. It is true that many songs on this go-around lack the smooth transitions that characterize Only a Lad, but the intricately woven, complex song structures do well to sustain Elfman’s erratic mood swings. The album begins strongly, with Boingo’s trademark bells and synth on “Grey Matter” and then switches gears with an abrupt slap-bass progression on “Insects.” “Private Life” brings it all together, oozing forth elaborate instrumentation and rich songwriting. If you can humor Elfman when he gets too excited by his own proselytizing with songs like “Nothing to Fear (But Fear Itself,” and you give the album a few listens, you’ll recognize it’s a vastly underrated sophomore effort.

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