Octavians – Minuten aus Jahrhunderten (2021) [FLAC, 24bit, 96 kHz]

Octavians - Minuten aus Jahrhunderten (2021) [FLAC, 24bit, 96 kHz] Download

Artist: Octavians
Album: Minuten aus Jahrhunderten
Genre: Classical
Release Date: 2021
Audio Format: FLAC (tracks) 24bit, 96 kHz
Duration: 01:14:49
Total Tracks: 23
Total Size: 1,44 GB


1-01. Octavians – Con amores, la mi madre (Arr. B. Chilcott for Vocal Ensemble) (02:25)
1-02. Octavians – Balletti a cinque voci (Excerpts): No. 3, Il bell’umore (01:01)
1-03. Octavians – Balletti a cinque voci (Excerpts): No. 14, Caccia d’amore (02:00)
1-04. Octavians – Balletti a cinque voci (Excerpts): No. 5, Speme amorosa (01:37)
1-05. Octavians – Madrigals to 4 Voyces, Book 1: No. 1, April Is in My Mistress’ Face (01:19)
1-06. Octavians – Loch Lomond (Arr. D. Overton for Vocal Ensemble) (03:26)
1-07. Octavians – 4 Gesänge für vier Männerstimmen, Op. 17, D. 983: No. 4, Die Nacht (03:01)
1-08. Octavians – Die Kapelle am Strande (04:26)
1-09. Octavians – Supplication for Peace (06:25)
1-10. Octavians – Näher mein Gott zu dir (Arr. H. Knopf for Vocal Ensemble) (02:31)
1-11. Octavians – O nata lux (Transcr. for Men’s Voices) (04:02)
1-12. Octavians – You Can Close Your Eyes (Arr. P. Lawson for Vocal Ensemble) (03:46)
1-13. Octavians – Peace in the Valley (Arr. C. Morgenroth for Vocal Ensemble) (03:32)
1-14. Octavians – Imagine (Arr. T. Anderson for Vocal Ensemble) (03:31)
1-15. Octavians – Der Blaue Planet (Arr. A. Kuch for Vocal Ensemble) (04:12)
1-16. Octavians – Bridge over Troubled Water (Arr. B. Bram for Vocal Ensemble) (04:04)
1-17. Octavians – The Boxer (Arr. A. Jackman & J. Rendenbach for Vocal Ensemble) (04:07)
1-18. Octavians – Fields of Gold (Arr. A. Kuch for Vocal Ensemble) (03:17)
1-19. Octavians – The Parting Glass (Arr. T. Anderson for Vocal Ensemble) (03:50)
1-20. Octavians – Hey-Ho (03:40)
1-21. Octavians – Gute Nacht, Freunde (Arr. A. Kuch for Vocal Ensemble) (03:15)
1-22. Octavians – Abendlied (Transcr. for Men’s Voices) (02:57)
1-23. Octavians – Abend wird es wieder (Transcr. for Men’s Voices) (02:17)

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“Jewels from five centuries” aptly describes this collection, featuring small pieces of great music, that the a cappella group Octavians presents on this Genuin recording: canzones, motets, folk songs, and pop songs to which the winners of the 2017 A Cappella Contest Leipzig give their own unique coloring. The spectrum ranges from an old Spanish hymn of praise to motherly love to lieder by Franz Schubert and celebrated songs of our time by Paul Simon and Sting. The charm exuded by the internationally successful gentlemen is fully the match of their vocal skills: a uniform sound, infectious groove, and sparkling clean intonation are the hallmarks of the Octavians – truly a “deluxe boy band”!

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