Nick Frater – Bivouac (2023) [FLAC 24 bit, 44,1 kHz]

Nick Frater - Bivouac (2023) [FLAC 24 bit, 44,1 kHz] Download

Artist: Nick Frater
Album: Bivouac
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2023
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 44,1 kHz
Duration: 46:44
Total Tracks: 23
Total Size: 555 MB


01. Nick Frater – Wake Up Sleepyheads (00:44)
02. Nick Frater – The Town of Opportunities, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 (02:38)
03. Nick Frater – Mean Vincent (00:57)
04. Nick Frater – The Town of Opportunities, Pt. 3 (00:45)
05. Nick Frater – The Axe (01:10)
06. Nick Frater – Hello Monday! (02:26)
07. Nick Frater – Keep It Simple, Stupid (03:13)
08. Nick Frater – Heaven It Can Wait (02:38)
09. Nick Frater – Singing Kawai (00:38)
10. Nick Frater – Sixteen Houses (01:55)
11. Nick Frater – Will It Be Enough? (02:04)
12. Nick Frater – Walking The Dog (01:05)
13. Nick Frater – Don’t Get Sentimental (03:28)
14. Nick Frater – Closing Time (04:44)
15. Nick Frater – Boom and Bust (03:01)
16. Nick Frater – Man Overload (01:21)
17. Nick Frater – The Town of Opportunities, Pt. 4 (01:08)
18. Nick Frater – Maybe Marimbas (00:48)
19. Nick Frater – Step Into The Motorcar (02:48)
20. Nick Frater – Manifesto Man (01:21)
21. Nick Frater – Leave It To The City (04:07)
22. Nick Frater – Little Sister Moon (03:06)
23. Nick Frater – So Long, Sleepyheads (00:30)


Nick Frater’s 11th studio album, Bivouac, emerges as a sophisticated pop masterpiece in his prolific discography. Embarking on a thematic journey, it encapsulates the quest for solace in a woodland sanctuary amidst post-industrial Britain.

Drawing melodic echoes from Bacharach, Tillbrook, McCartney, and Rundgren, Frater’s songcraft resonates deeply, particularly with devotees of Ram and Wizard a True Star. Across 23 impressive tracks, Bivouac adeptly melds power-pop, orchestral-pop, and prog intricacies, serving as a testament to Frater’s creative dedication.

Embracing an ambitious collaborative spirit, he unites with melodic-rock luminaries including Roger Joseph Manning Jr.(Beck/Jellyfish), Luke Smith (Ulysses), and Joe Kane (The Poppermost), seamlessly intertwining these talents with authentic Radiophonic tape effects, Mellotron textures, and Pink Floyd’s original Dark Side of the Moon synthesizer.”A “bivouac” is defined as a temporary shelter where one is prepared to do battle, and Nick Frater isn’t afraid to shake things up with a concept album about the downfall of post-industrial Britain under successive generations of Tory government. Nick lets his orchestral pop genie out of the bottle with several song suites.

“The Town of Opportunities” is the first suite, with five parts that fit neatly together and the catchy earworm “Hello Monday!” Some instrumental touches remind me of Pet Sounds, from the kettle drums of “Keep It Simple, Stupid” to the harmonies on “Heaven It Can Wait.”

The tempo and style shift on “Will It Be Enough,” the second multi-part song suite, ending on the ballad “Don’t Get Sentimental.” An 80s classic rock vibe is all over the impressive “Boom and Bust,” and then we are on to the next suite. Along the way, you get more great singles like “Step Into The Motorcar.” Like Glenn Tillbrook or Paul McCartney, Nick knows how to craft musical stories and give the entire album a comfortable flow. He’s also added a bevy of talent to the studio, like Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Beck/Jellyfish), Luke Smith (Ulysses), and Joe Kane (The Poppermost). Overall, highly recommended.” (powerpopaholic)

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