Joan Armatrading – Live at Asylum Chapel (2022) [FLAC 24 bit, 48 kHz]

Joan Armatrading - Live at Asylum Chapel (2022) [FLAC 24 bit, 48 kHz] Download

Artist: Joan Armatrading
Album: Live at Asylum Chapel
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2022
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 48 kHz
Duration: 01:41:40
Total Tracks: 26
Total Size: 1,20 GB


1-01. Joan Armatrading – Into the Blues (Live) (04:57)
1-02. Joan Armatrading – Down to Zero (Live) (03:53)
1-03. Joan Armatrading – Travel So Far (Live) (03:02)
1-04. Joan Armatrading – All the Way from America (Live) (03:10)
1-05. Joan Armatrading – This is Not That (Live) (03:30)
1-06. Joan Armatrading – Invisible (Blue Light) (Live) (03:44)
1-07. Joan Armatrading – I Like It When We’re Together (Live) (03:52)
1-08. Joan Armatrading – True Love (Live) (04:28)
1-09. Joan Armatrading – Heading Back to New York City (Live) (04:02)
1-10. Joan Armatrading – Mama Mercy (Live) (03:13)
1-11. Joan Armatrading – Empty Highway (Live) (06:10)
1-12. Joan Armatrading – The Weakness in Me (Live) (03:21)
1-13. Joan Armatrading – In These Times (Live) (03:09)
1-14. Joan Armatrading – Natural Rhythm (Live) (02:59)
1-15. Joan Armatrading – Already There (Live) (03:46)
1-16. Joan Armatrading – Consequences (Live) (04:49)
1-17. Joan Armatrading – Better Life (Live) (03:12)
1-18. Joan Armatrading – Glorious Madness (Live) (03:02)
1-19. Joan Armatrading – Promise Land (Live) (03:53)
1-20. Joan Armatrading – No More Pain (Live) (03:34)
1-21. Joan Armatrading – Love and Affection (Live) (04:14)
1-22. Joan Armatrading – Kissin’ and a Huggin’ (Live) (05:13)
1-23. Joan Armatrading – Drop the Pilot (Live) (03:40)
1-24. Joan Armatrading – Me Myself I (Live) (04:05)
1-25. Joan Armatrading – Willow (Live) (04:47)
1-26. Joan Armatrading – To Anyone Who Will Listen (Live) (03:41)


Joan Armatrading loves the unexpected, the temptation to experiment. This is how the singer-songwriter has always kept it musically on her 22 studio albums. And when she was missing a bit of material for “How Cruel” back then, she just had one side pressed. But songs like “He Wants Her” and “I Really Must Be Going” still compensate for the missing B-side. Armatrading had to be 70 years old to be surprised himself, of course by the pandemic and a musician’s existence on the fringes of the public.Nevertheless, there should be a concert for the new album in 2021, now on the weekend, streamed live and once across all time zones. But that takes a lot of getting used to, even for Armatrading with her band; to get on stage without applause, to finish a song without applause, to change the guitar and to continue with the playlist that Armatrading had noted on a cheat sheet. It goes like this for three or four songs until she gets in the mood and just takes her band by the hand. Until she herself has fun again on “Already There” and “Like” from the new album “Consequences” and traces the classics with which she has been lying in our ears for so many years and in so many situations in life. “Me Myself I”, “Drop The Pilot”, “Love And Affection” and “Willow” almost at the end. She plays almost all the “old stuff” a bit faster, as if she wanted to tell us so much in time lapse, sing and play so much. And the whole world is listening and maybe amazed, and Joan Armatrading thanks us all so typically mischievous.

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