Ibrahim Maalouf – 10 ans de live ! (Version Deluxe) (2016/2022) [FLAC 24 bit, 44,1 kHz]

Ibrahim Maalouf - 10 ans de live ! (Version Deluxe) (2016/2022) [FLAC 24 bit, 44,1 kHz] Download

Artist: Ibrahim Maalouf
Album: 10 ans de live ! (Version Deluxe)
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2016/2022
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 44,1 kHz
Duration: 01:50:17
Total Tracks: 14
Total Size: 1,13 GB


1-1. Ibrahim Maalouf – Red & Black Light (Live au Zénith Nantes Métropole, 2016) (10:59)
1-2. Ibrahim Maalouf – La javanaise (Live à l’Olympia, 2014) (05:46)
1-3. Ibrahim Maalouf – Will Soon Be a Woman (Live au Babylon Istanbul, 2013) (05:16)
1-4. Ibrahim Maalouf – Nomade Slang (Live au Zénith Nantes Métropole, 2016) (15:01)
1-5. Ibrahim Maalouf – True Sorry (Intro) [Live à l’Olympia, 2014] (04:56)
1-6. Ibrahim Maalouf – True Sorry (Live à l’Olympia, 2014) (05:14)
1-7. Ibrahim Maalouf – Ya Ha La (Live au Zénith Nantes Métropole, 2016) (05:04)
1-8. Ibrahim Maalouf – Your Soul (Live au Zénith Nantes Métropole, 2016) (02:24)
1-9. Ibrahim Maalouf – Beirut (Live au Zénith Nantes Métropole, 2016) (13:16)
1-10. Ibrahim Maalouf – Different (Live à Jazz in Marciac, 2011) [Bonus] (12:01)
1-11. Ibrahim Maalouf – Qabu (Live au Zénith Nantes Métropole, 2016) [Bonus] (11:35)
1-12. Ibrahim Maalouf – Ouverture (Live à Art Rock, 2012) [Bonus] (08:54)
1-13. Ibrahim Maalouf – Jamal (Live à Jazz in Marciac, 2012) [Bonus] (06:21)
1-14. Ibrahim Maalouf – Concert Etude de Goedicke (Live à Jazz à Vienne, 2013) [Bonus] (03:29)


10 years of live music, that’s something to celebrate! In 2006, after having accompanied many artists, Ibrahim Maalouf decided to embark on a new adventure by releasing his first album Diasporas which he presented on stage for the first time that same year. 10 years and 8 albums later, with a thousand concerts in France and around the world, awards (Victoire du Jazz, Victoire de la Musique, several gold discs), hundreds of thousands of albums sold on his own label, as well as various film scores, Ibrahim Maalouf has become an essential artist.An exceptional anniversary deserves an exceptional album-set! 10 Years of Live will be released featuring previously unreleased tracks and unforgettable versions of the best songs played all over the world by Ibrahim Maalouf, his musicians and guests such as Juliette Gréco, with whom a magical version of La Javanaise was recorded at the Olympia. “For years now, everyone has been asking me when I’m going to release a live best-off, and I always answer “it’s coming, it’s coming patiently”.

Since 2006, seven tours and over 1,000 concerts in France and abroad, I feel like I’ve spent more time with you than with my own family. Indeed, you’ve become family – the most beautiful family imaginable. You’ve given me the purist artistic freedom, allowing me to take risks, explore any and every musical direction, even when they range wildly from one album to the next and from one night to the next. Often, my live performances didn’t feature music from the just-released album or the music you had expected to hear. And yet every time I was received with smiles, warm applause and open hearts.

It’s thanks to you that I’ve found joy and fulfillment in music. Those concerts when you, my musicians and I shared so much are moments of grace. It’s during these moments that I feel belonging, that I feel I’ve found my place in this sometimes hostile world. Ten years ago, those who would become my closest friends and collaborators asked me what I wanted, and I told them I wanted to share music, concerts, emotions, desires, hybrid styles, multitudes of musical directions, and above all, love. I dreamed of all this a decade ago… and it came true!

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