Goat Girl – On All Fours (2021) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz]

Goat Girl - On All Fours (2021) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz] Download

Artist: Goat Girl
Album: On All Fours
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 2021
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 96 kHz
Duration: 54:36
Total Tracks: 13
Total Size: 1,16 GB


1. Goat Girl – Pest (04:02)
2. Goat Girl – Badibaba (04:11)
3. Goat Girl – Jazz (In the Supermarket) (04:34)
4. Goat Girl – Once Again (04:17)
5. Goat Girl – P.T.S.Tea (03:43)
6. Goat Girl – Sad Cowboy (05:17)
7. Goat Girl – The Crack (03:13)
8. Goat Girl – Closing In (03:36)
9. Goat Girl – Anxiety Feels (03:39)
10. Goat Girl – They Bite on You (03:44)
11. Goat Girl – Bang (04:27)
12. Goat Girl – Where Do We Go From Here? (04:14)
13. Goat Girl – A-Men (05:33)


On the best song from Goat Girl’s 2018 self-titled debut, the South London band fantasized about smashing in a pervert’s head on a train. Yet the record mostly thrummed with the unsettling energy of a more otherworldly form of transport: the night bus, crisscrossing the capital at witching hour when normal senses, faculties, and decorum have slipped away. None of the awful creeps, shitheel politicians, or scuzzy encounters they sang about came from the realm of fantasy, but each bizarre story of the city whizzed past in a surreal blur, like warped William Hogarth street scenes glimpsed through a smeared window.

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