Geoffrey Tozer – Medtner: Piano Works, Vol. 7 (2001/2021) [FLAC 24 bit, 44,1 kHz]

Geoffrey Tozer - Medtner: Piano Works, Vol. 7 (2001/2021) [FLAC 24 bit, 44,1 kHz] Download

Artist: Geoffrey Tozer
Album: Medtner: Piano Works, Vol. 7
Genre: Classical
Release Date: 2001/2021
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 44,1 kHz
Duration: 01:03:25
Total Tracks: 21
Total Size: 488 MB


1-1. Geoffrey Tozer – Three Dithyrambs, Op. 10: No. 3 in E Major (03:24)
1-2. Geoffrey Tozer – I. Allegro con espressione (03:07)
1-3. Geoffrey Tozer – II. Pesante (04:13)
1-4. Geoffrey Tozer – I. Allegro commodamente (03:34)
1-5. Geoffrey Tozer – II. Andantino gracile (02:54)
1-6. Geoffrey Tozer – III. Tempo di Valse (02:01)
1-7. Geoffrey Tozer – IV. Andantino tenebroso – Animoto (02:23)
1-8. Geoffrey Tozer – I. Allegretto frescamente – Giocoso – Tempo primo (02:29)
1-9. Geoffrey Tozer – II. Molto vivace (01:27)
1-10. Geoffrey Tozer – III. Narrante a piacere – Più mosso – Tempo primo (02:45)
1-11. Geoffrey Tozer – IV. Sostenuto (04:01)
1-12. Geoffrey Tozer – Theme. Allegretto grazioso (00:56)
1-13. Geoffrey Tozer – Variation I (01:01)
1-14. Geoffrey Tozer – Variation II. Allegro (00:47)
1-15. Geoffrey Tozer – Variation III. Allegro (01:19)
1-16. Geoffrey Tozer – Variation IV. Intermezzo (01:51)
1-17. Geoffrey Tozer – Variation V. Largamento (01:58)
1-18. Geoffrey Tozer – Variation VI. Allegro molto (01:12)
1-19. Geoffrey Tozer – Two Fairy Tales, Op. 48: II. Elf Tale (04:14)
1-20. Geoffrey Tozer – I. Andante largamento – Tranquillo – Andante (08:26)
1-21. Geoffrey Tozer – II. Andante con moto, sempre cantabile (09:14)


There are few stranger, more recondite figures in the entire history of music than Nikolai Medtner. Recently he has been rescued from near oblivion by Hamish Milne, Geoffrey Tozer and Marc-Andre Hamelin in particular, who have, in their different ways, cast a penetrating and affectionate light on music which after repeated hearings subtly insinuates itself into the listener’s consciousness. The moods, particularly in the seventh volume of Geoffrey Tozer’s Chandos cycle, are primarily introspective, whether simply or floridly expressed. Most of the ideas, too, bear a family likeness suggesting a continuous return to a fabric or dreamscape of happier times and places; nostalgia was always central to Medtner’s haunting genius.Tozer’s long and complex journey through these pages is always a labour of love rather than duty. For him the Third Dithyramb is ‘a hymn of angels’ and the third of the Op 26 Fairy Tales ‘perfection’. His verbal tribute is ideally matched in performances of unfailing mastery and warmth. His tempo for the second of the two Op 20 Fairy Tales allows every note of its menacing tread or chime (it is oddly subtitled ‘campanella’) to be heard. The delightfully ornate Op 55 Variations are spun off with a true sense of their greater accessibility and the Op 59 Elegies – rich, powerful, disconsolate and with a Brahmsian textural density – provide a magnificent close to his programme. The recordings are excellent and Tozer’s notes are invaluable, making Volume 8 an eagerly awaited event

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