Game Theory – Across The Barrier Of Sound: PostScript (2020) [FLAC 24 bit, 44,1 kHz]

Game Theory - Across The Barrier Of Sound: PostScript (2020) [FLAC 24 bit, 44,1 kHz] Download

Artist: Game Theory
Album: Across The Barrier Of Sound: PostScript
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2020
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 44,1 kHz
Duration: 01:16:27
Total Tracks: 24
Total Size: 836 MB


1. Game Theory – All My Loving (Home Recording) (02:20)
2. Game Theory – My Free Ride (03:38)
3. Game Theory – Go Back To Sleep Little Susie (Aerodeliria) (03:44)
4. Game Theory – Forget All About It (Home Recording) (03:21)
5. Game Theory – Take Me Down (To Halloo) (03:08)
6. Game Theory – The Second Grade Applauds (Home Demo) (02:30)
7. Game Theory – Treat It Like My Own (02:13)
8. Game Theory – Inverness (03:51)
9. Game Theory – Water (Remix) (04:20)
10. Game Theory – Needle In The Camel’s Eye (Home Recording) (02:49)
11. Game Theory – Idiot Son (02:29)
12. Game Theory – Even You (Home Demo) (03:18)
13. Game Theory – The Door Into Summer (Live) (02:55)
14. Game Theory – Laurel Canyon (Reprise) (Home Demo) (01:37)
15. Game Theory – Jimmy Still Comes Around (Home Demo) (04:40)
16. Game Theory – Rose Of Sharon (Remix) (04:18)
17. Game Theory – Back Of A Car (Radio Session) (02:18)
18. Game Theory – The Come On (Home Demo) (03:17)
19. Game Theory – A Day In Erotica (Home Recording) (03:39)
20. Game Theory – Some Grand Vision (Home Demo) (02:53)
21. Game Theory – Slit My Wrists (Hone Demo) (02:47)
22. Game Theory – Idiot Son (Home Demo) (04:04)
23. Game Theory – Sword Swallower (Live) (02:04)
24. Game Theory – Inverness (Home Demo) (04:03)


Packaging contains photos, liner notes & remembrances from members of Wilco and Guided By Voices Throughout the 1980s, the California based Game Theory was ONE OF THE MOST original (and critically acclaimed) indie-rock bands. Their blend of ’60s and ’70s pop influences such as Todd Rundgren and Big Star coupled with a post-punk energy led to a string of diverse albums nearly all produced by Mitch Easter of Let’s Active. For the past several years, Omnivore has painstakingly reissued each and every one of their original albums with the addition of a slew of unreleased bonus tracks. Their final album, 1988’s Two Steps From The Middle Ages was reissued in June 2017. That appeared to be the final chapter of their story, or was it? Hardcore Game Theory fans still talk about the band’s final line-up that toured the West Coast, but never released an album. Circa 1989–90, the band was rejuvenated with leader Scott Miller being joined by the legendary Michael Quercio from The Three O’Clock (who had recently broken up). Other interesting line-up changes included longtime Game Theory drummer Gil Ray moving over to guitar and keyboards, while Scott Miller’s former Alternate Learning bandmate (the original template of Game Theory) Jozef Becker, formerly of True West and Thin White Rope, joined as the drummer. Jozef is the brother of Game Theory’s original keyboardist, Nan Becker. Across The Barrier Of Sound: PostScript is the album that might have been at the time. There’s a blend of home and studio and live recordings. Songs that many fans haven’t heard unless they were lucky enough to catch a live show at the time and some songs which reappeared in significantly different form on the debut album from Scott Miller and Jozef Becker’s post-Game Theory band The Loud Family, Plants And Birds And Rocks And Things. Miller uniquely blended classic pop songwriting with groundbreaking art-rock influences, which is reflected in home recordings of Brian Eno’s “Needle In The Camel’s Eye” and The Nazz’s “Forget All About It”. There’s a feast of Scott Miller penned delights on the 14-song vinyl LP, and the CD includes an additional 10 unissued bonus tracks with Game Theory originals and songs originally recorded by artists such as Big Star and The Three O’Clock. Journey Across The Barrier Of Sound and enjoy this PostScript to a great band’s career, but also as a wonderful album in its own right.

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