David Greilsammer – Labyrinth (2020) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz]

David Greilsammer - Labyrinth (2020) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz] Download

Artist: David Greilsammer
Album: Labyrinth
Genre: Classical
Release Date: 2020
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 96 kHz
Duration: 01:09:25
Total Tracks: 19
Total Size: 1,09 GB


1. David Greilsammer – On an Overgrown Path: The Owl Has Not Flown Away! (03:48)
2. David Greilsammer – Armide, LWV 71, Act II, Scene 4: “Les sourdines” (Arr. for Harpsichord by Jean-Henri d’Anglebert) (03:19)
3. David Greilsammer – On an Overgrown Path: Words Fail! (01:54)
4. David Greilsammer – 6 Bagatelles, Op. 126: No. 4, Presto (03:44)
5. David Greilsammer – Makrokosmos, Book I: The Magic Circle of Infinity (02:09)
6. David Greilsammer – 6 Bagatelles, Op. 126: No. 5, Quasi allegretto (02:09)
7. David Greilsammer – Etudes for piano, Book I: Fanfares (03:37)
8. David Greilsammer – The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080: Contrapunctus 1 (02:39)
9. David Greilsammer – Etudes for piano, Book II: En suspens (02:24)
10. David Greilsammer – Goyescas: El amor y la muerte (12:37)
11. David Greilsammer – Danses de travers: No. 2, Pièce froide (01:10)
12. David Greilsammer – Fantasia in D Minor, H. 195 (01:12)
13. David Greilsammer – Danses de travers: No. 3, Pièce froide (01:56)
14. David Greilsammer – Repetition Blindness: Chapter I (03:27)
15. David Greilsammer – Chaconne “Le labyrinthe” (Arr. for Piano by David Greilsammer) (02:46)
16. David Greilsammer – Repetition Blindness: Chapter II (03:26)
17. David Greilsammer – Pieces, Op. 56: Nuances (01:03)
18. David Greilsammer – Les éléments: Overture. “Le chaos” (Arr. for Piano by Jonathan Keren) (09:42)
19. David Greilsammer – Vers la Flamme, Op. 72 (06:16)


Pianist David Greilsammer takes a musical journey to the heart of a strange and dazzling labyrinth in this solo recital that spans musical eras. “On An Overgrown Path”, Leoš Janáček’s anthology of short piano pieces, forms the basis for the program, with other pieces interspersed like hidden vistas revealed by a winding path. These inset moments include everything from Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s gallant flourishes to a new work from Ofer Pelz commissioned specifically for this project, and they climax in a new piano arrangement of the French Baroque composer Jean-Féry Rebel’s strikingly dissonant depiction of primordial chaos. This wide-ranging program explores the ways that feelings of inner disorientation can lead to the pursuit of new routes and ideas.David Greilsammer’s new album venture, “Labyrinth”, is a project that he has been developing since 2017 in a number of concerts given in New York, at the Ravinia Festival, Illinois, in Lancaster and Sheffield, and at the Flagey in Brussels. In 2005, the pianist – then still in his twenties – released his “Fantasie_Fantasme”, and in 2014 he uniquely intertwined the sonatas of Scarlatti and John Cage.

Here in this sensitively intimate new recital he shares a dream that has haunted him for many years, a dream where he makes his way through a musical labyrinth. The fascinated listener can follow this trail here, while keeping hold of the thread and following the light, encountering composers both well and less well known, from every period and style, with whole works and ephemeral fragments cunningly interwoven. While reconnoitering music by Beethoven, Janáček, Satie and Bach, we also have the surprise of a first world performance of Repetition Blindness by Ofer Pelz – specially commissioned for the programme – and of a piano arrangement by Jonathan Keren of Chaos by Jean-Féry Rebel (also a first performance) as well as George Crumb’s mesmeric Magic Circle of Infinity.

This programme has all the character of a rite of passage, but without any psychoanalytical frenzy. If David Greilsammer blurs conventional boundaries with his subtle alchemy of atmospheres and colours, he also invites us to enjoy anew the pleasures of symmetry, balance and the echo. El amor y la muerte by Granados is a keystone work around which he conjures up a sequence of pieces of increasing density such as Scriabin’s Vers la flamme which ends the recital.

This creative programme, underpinned by playing both incisive and poetic showing mastery every conceivable style, prompts us quite simply to listen differently.

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