Dave Matthews Band – Live Trax Vol. 33: Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, 1/31/95 (2015) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz]

Dave Matthews Band - Live Trax Vol. 33: Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, 1/31/95 (2015) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz] Download

Artist: Dave Matthews Band
Album: Live Trax Vol. 33: Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, 1/31/95
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2015
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 96 kHz
Duration: 02:26:52
Total Tracks: 19
Total Size: 3,13 GB


01. Dave Matthews Band – Seek Up (13:32)
02. Dave Matthews Band – Minarets (08:04)
03. Dave Matthews Band – Dancing Nancies (09:02)
04. Dave Matthews Band – Warehouse (08:25)
05. Dave Matthews Band – Lover Lay Down (06:17)
06. Dave Matthews Band – One Sweet World (05:16)
07. Dave Matthews Band – The Song That jane Likes (04:08)
08. Dave Matthews Band – What Would You Say (04:59)
09. Dave Matthews Band – Jimi Thing (13:38)
10. Dave Matthews Band – Rhyme and Reason (05:55)
11. Dave Matthews Band – 36 (08:58)
12. Dave Matthews Band – Ants Marching (07:07)
13. Dave Matthews Band – Tripping Billies (05:16)
14. Dave Matthews Band – Granny (04:59)
15. Dave Matthews Band – Recently (08:20)
16. Dave Matthews Band – Say Goodbye (07:37)
17. Dave Matthews Band – Two Step (07:03)
18. Dave Matthews Band – Best of What’s Around (06:59)
19. Dave Matthews Band – SoundCheck Jam (11:07)


The 33rd installment in Dave Matthews Band’s Live Trax series will come in the form of the band’s January 31, 1995 show at Providence, RI’s Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel.

The second night of a two-night stand at the intimate Providence venue, the band delivered some of their classic early material like “Seek Up,” “Minarets,” “Warehouse” and others. According to DMBAlmanac, the “Minarets” contains a “Tomorrow Never Knows” intro, a popular interpolation during the early years of the tune. LeRoi Moore also teases “We Want the Funk” during his solo in “Jimi Thing” later on in the set.
The release will also be complemented by a series of selections from the previous night including “Tripping Billies,” “Granny,” “Recently” (with an “On Broadway” intro), “Say Goodbye,” “Two Step,” “Best of What’s Around” and a previously unheard jam from soundcheck earlier that day.Live Trax is a series of live albums released by Dave Matthews Band’s Bama Rags label. The albums in the series feature performances by Dave Matthews Band and also Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. The majority of the releases are not sold in commercial stores, but rather by means of order or digital download from the band’s official website. The name Live Trax is a reference to the former Trax Nightclub in Charlottesville, Virginia, where the band played over one-hundred twenty shows during their early years from 1991-1996.
Only the sixth volume of the series was sold outside of the band’s website, due to a high demand in the Boston, Massachusetts area. The album was sold in stores in addition to the band’s online store. In July 2007, Starbucks released a nine-track compilation of the series, simply titled Live Trax, featuring selected tracks from the first nine volumes of the series. –wiki

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