Craig Armstrong – The Edge of the Sea (2020) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz]

Craig Armstrong - The Edge of the Sea (2020) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz] Download

Artist: Craig Armstrong
Album: The Edge of the Sea
Genre: Classical
Release Date: 2020
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 96 kHz
Duration: 52:32
Total Tracks: 19
Total Size: 1,03 GB


1. Craig Armstrong – Ballantyne (Movement 1 Stone) (01:35)
2. Craig Armstrong – Ballantyne (Movement 2 The Edge of the Sea) (02:52)
3. Craig Armstrong – Ballantyne (Movement 3 Ballantyne 1) (01:58)
4. Craig Armstrong – Ballantyne (Movement 4 Ballantyne 2) (03:30)
5. Craig Armstrong – Ballantyne (Movement 5 Your Shadow) (02:32)
6. Craig Armstrong – Ballantyne (Movement 6 Ballantyne 3) (03:36)
7. Craig Armstrong – Ballantyne (Movement 7 Grace Notes) (02:44)
8. Craig Armstrong – Ballantyne (Movement 8 Ballantyne 4) (03:34)
9. Craig Armstrong – Ballantyne (Movement 9 Before Last) (02:39)
10. Craig Armstrong – Ballantyne (Movement 10 Nightfall) (02:02)
11. Craig Armstrong – Ballantyne (Movement 11 Tidal) (01:40)
12. Craig Armstrong – Martyrdom (Movement 1) (02:08)
13. Craig Armstrong – Martyrdom (Movement 2) (03:36)
14. Craig Armstrong – Martyrdom (Movement 3) (02:09)
15. Craig Armstrong – Martyrdom (Movement 4) (03:55)
16. Craig Armstrong – Martyrdom (Movement 5) (03:20)
17. Craig Armstrong – Martyrdom (Movement 6) (02:39)
18. Craig Armstrong – Martyrdom (Movement 7) (03:53)
19. Craig Armstrong – Martyrdom (Movement 8) (02:01)


Craig Armstrong’s first release with the newly formed imprint Modern Recordings (BMG Germany) is a beautiful and primal result of a collaboration over several years with Hebridean composer Calum Martin. The Edge Of The Sea, brings together for the first time the traditionally heard acapella Gaelic psalm singing with Armstrong’s exquisitely informed orchestral working performed by the Scottish Ensemble. This unique album features two new works calling softly to mind both the ever-changing island landscape and the emotive history of the ancient knowledge of Gaelic psalm singing.Gaelic Psalm Singing has long been a very important tradition in the canon of music in Scotland. It is a uniquely Scottish “Sean Nós” old vocal style, which has been nurtured in its natural environment of family worship. This unique traditional vocal style is sadly facing a real danger of disappearing for good and we see this unique recording as an opportunity to both archive and introduce a new audience to the tradition with a strong sense of it’s history and future at it’s core.

It was agreed at the outset by Craig Armstrong and Calum Martin that any music based on the Gaelic psalms would be respectful of the tradition and that the composition written to accompany the singing would allow complete freedom of expression for the singing style. This has been achieved in a beautiful way and made possible by bringing together in an inspiring and supportive collaboration; the congregation and the Scottish Ensemble players.

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