Commodores – Movin’ On (1975/2015) [FLAC 24 bit, 192 kHz]

Commodores - Movin' On (1975/2015) [FLAC 24 bit, 192 kHz] Download

Artist: Commodores
Album: Movin’ On
Genre: Soul, Funk, R&B
Release Date: 1975/2015
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 192 kHz
Duration: 37:39
Total Tracks: 8
Total Size: 1,58 GB


01. Commodores – Hold On (04:14)
02. Commodores – Free (03:53)
03. Commodores – Mary, Mary (04:23)
04. Commodores – Sweet Love (06:33)
05. Commodores – (Can I) Get A Witness (04:08)
06. Commodores – Gimme My Mule (05:13)
07. Commodores – Time (04:24)
08. Commodores – Cebu (04:49)


R&B purists have often argued that the Commodores did their most essential work before 1977. It was in 1977 that they crossed over to the pop/adult contemporary audience in a major way with “Easy,” and subsequent hits like 1978’s “Three Times a Lady” and 1979’s “Still” (both of which reached number one on Billboard’s pop singles charts) certainly weren’t the work of R&B snobs. Of course, Lionel Richie never claimed to be an R&B purist, although it is safe to say that the Commodores were still a hardcore funk/soul band when their third album, Movin’ On, came out in 1975. From an R&B standpoint (as opposed to a pop or adult contemporary standpoint), this is one of their most essential releases. Those who love hard, gutsy 1970s funk can’t go wrong with horn-powered gems like “Mary, Mary,” “(Can I) Get a Witness,” “Gimme My Mule,” and “Hold On”; however, the song that Movin’ On is best remembered for is the laid-back, gospel-drenched hit “Sweet Love.” Written by Richie, “Sweet Love” is one of those secular soul tunes that isn’t really gospel but borders on it; when Richie belts out the lyrics, “You got to keep on searching/harder/day by day,” you feel like you’re in the front row during an AME church service. And even though Movin’ On is an LP that R&B purists rave about (rightly so), you can’t say that it was ignored by pop audiences — “Sweet Love” was a number two R&B hit, but it also reached number five on Billboard’s pop singles chart. –Alex Henderson

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