Clara Castro – Caostrofobia (2018) [FLAC 24 bit, 44,1 kHz]

Clara Castro - Caostrofobia (2018) [FLAC 24 bit, 44,1 kHz] Download

Artist: Clara Castro
Album: Caostrofobia
Genre: Pop, Latin
Release Date: 2018
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 44,1 kHz
Duration: 35:13
Total Tracks: 11
Total Size: 393 MB


1. Clara Castro – Caostrofobia (03:21)
2. Clara Castro – Um Trem para As Estrelas (03:44)
3. Clara Castro – Inverno Astral (03:16)
4. Clara Castro – Modulacao (03:03)
5. Clara Castro – Volte (02:21)
6. Clara Castro – Sobe o Sol (03:13)
7. Clara Castro – Nossa Oracao (02:43)
8. Clara Castro – Nada e Tao Certo (03:38)
9. Clara Castro – Corpo So (03:45)
10. Clara Castro – Espelho (02:51)
11. Clara Castro – Longe do Mundo (03:12)


The singer-songwriter from Minas Gerais, Clara Castro, 23, scheduled for July 20, in music applications, the release of her debut album. “Caostrofobia” was produced by Rodrigo Campello and will be released by the label NOMAD, with distribution of Som Livre. The album opens in a rocky climate with the title track, a partnership between Nathan Itaborahy and Renato da Lapa. “Caostrofobia” talks about the creative process and the life in expansion in the space of an apartment: “He smiled at Guadalupe at the altar / Vagou with fireflies around / He turned on the disco at twenty-three / And made a commotion in the morning”, says an excerpt from the lyrics, playful and imaginative. “It is the city invading the apartment and the apartment invading the city.An invitation for the listener to imagine there, in that confusion that is the head of those who live always recreating the world within themselves, solving the inevitable prisons that urban life brings” , explains Clara Castro.Single re-reading of the work, “A Train for the Stars” (Gilberto Gil / Cazuza) won a contemporary arrangement, which seeks to highlight the density of the letter. “It is a poetry extremely current and pertinent to everything we are living,” says Clara. Following the release of the first single released, “Astral Winter” (Nathan Itaborahy / Douglas Poerner): “What stone I swallowed / What shit I kicked / What Wednesday brought me out of here / What scream I held / What dish that What contempt or despair I committed. ”

Sertin’s Pretinho was cast to lead the percussion and the cavaquinho in “Modulation”, Clara’s partnership with Nathan Itaborahy and Renato da Lapa. Focusing on the female force, the samba shows a woman who uses her singing to put herself in the world, and already starts sending the message: “Boy, look here, I warned you / My type does not fit, it does not suit / When I drink and do not I like, I say / If I need a callous floor / I will not shut up for anyone “. The song changes with the composition “Volte”, in which Clara talks about love pains: “So many days and nights without sleep / Remembering sentences to forget you / Ten poems and doses of whiskey / For this heart that only thinks of suffering “.

Recorded in New York, the dance “Sobe o Sol” has modern arrangement of Alex Vaz and speaks of love without time and without charge. Clara says that the song was born fast, “like when we decide to go into fright. When five minutes away from the one we love, we realize that love is growing.” Uncovered in purity and feeling, “Our Prayer” was composed in the ukelelê at the beginning of a love story.

“Nothing is so certain that I can not just dissipate while I sing this song,” says the lyrics to “Nothing is So Right”, which talks about what could have been and was not. “This transitory present in everything is, paradoxically, the pain and consolation of life. This song is about our eternal becoming, about which will dissipate, even if there is pain, to give way to another direction, another direction “explains Clara.

A singer and composer from Bituca – University of Popular Music, in Barbacena, where she lives, Clara Castro composed “Corpo Só” when she studied there. The song is a partnership with her mother, Gloria Bittar, and was inspired by a letter that a Holocaust survivor wrote to her son, still in concentration camp times. This son comes to be the Hungarian Ian Guest, master of musicalization of Clara. The track gained arrangement of Mario Adnet, piano of Pitágoras Silveira and had the strings recorded in St. Petersburg, Russia.

“Nothing is so slow / Wait for you to get the right direction / But hurry to get there / Rush the step that chance gives”, says part of the reggae refrain “Mirror”, singer’s partnership with Ciro Belluci and Nathan Itaborahy. Closing the work, “Far from the World” was also the last to be recorded, live, with guitar, clarinet and percussion. Clara explains that she composed the song for a friend who was going through a difficult phase. “It is a caress for problems without solution, which makes the friend who knows us only in the look,” he says.

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