Carmine Ioanna – Soli in viaggio (2018) [FLAC 24 bit, 48 kHz]

Carmine Ioanna - Soli in viaggio (2018) [FLAC 24 bit, 48 kHz] Download

Artist: Carmine Ioanna
Album: Soli in viaggio
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2018
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 48 kHz
Duration: 01:00:07
Total Tracks: 12
Total Size: 667 MB


1. Carmine Ioanna – Apollo 11 (feat Luca Aquino) (Instrumental) (06:58)
2. Carmine Ioanna – L’una in Venere (Instrumental) (03:59)
3. Carmine Ioanna – La nana rossa (Instrumental) (05:57)
4. Carmine Ioanna – La danza delle cicogne (Instrumental) (04:51)
5. Carmine Ioanna – Nebulose (Instrumental) (04:26)
6. Carmine Ioanna – Due anelli per Saturno (Instrumental) (04:44)
7. Carmine Ioanna – Sulillo mio (feat Rosa d’Agnese & Claudia D’Amico) (06:18)
8. Carmine Ioanna – Laika (Instrumental) (01:58)
9. Carmine Ioanna – L’orizzonte degli eventi (Instrumental) (06:46)
10. Carmine Ioanna – Warmhole (Instrumental) (03:40)
11. Carmine Ioanna – Welcome to Trappist (Instrumental) (04:37)
12. Carmine Ioanna – No Gravity (feat Ketty Teriaca) (Instrumental) (05:47)


If Carmine has burnt all the stages becoming one of the most original European accordionists in this record of great proof of design and visionary intelligence construction of a story that becomes music and word as well as gesture and sign. Four years after the first album “Solo”, Campania accordionist and composer Carmine Ioanna released the second album “Soli in Viaggio” for the French Bonsai Music (Egea distribution) on June 8th.The title can be read both as referring to people in the path of their existence (and the song One in Venus is dedicated to the companion of Ioanna) and to solar entities (astrology is the great passions of Ioanna, in fact many of the songs originals have a spatial reference in the title, one above all the song Laika, dedicated to the dog sent into space and destined to death)

The cover image is only 3 depicting the musician and his family, the smallest sun represents the child born recently and the recent birth came the idea of ​​using a drawing as if it had been made by a child.

The record is recorded in quartet with Francesco Savoretti on percussion, Daniele Castellano on guitar and Alex Gorbi on bass and sees the participation as guests of Luca Aquino on trumpet and Rosa D’Agnese on vocals and actress Claudia D’Amico.

Musically it is the first time that electronics are applied to the accordion for an unprecedented sound experimentation in which the look to the future is balanced by an affirmation of their roots with the version of the popular song Sulillo Mio, song of the tradition of Montemarano , village of Irpinia, sung by local women to work in the fields that invoked the end of the hard day, punctuated by the rhythm of the sun, all filtered through the multiple musical influences ranging from folk and ethnic music, to jazz, to blues , to rock.

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