Boney Fields – Just Give Me Some Mo’ (2023) [FLAC 24 bit, 48 kHz]

Boney Fields - Just Give Me Some Mo' (2023) [FLAC 24 bit, 48 kHz] Download

Artist: Boney Fields
Album: Just Give Me Some Mo’
Genre: Blues, Funk
Release Date: 2023
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 48 kHz
Duration: 49:52
Total Tracks: 12
Total Size: 610 MB


01. Boney Fields – Just Give Me Some Mo’ (03:21)
02. Boney Fields – Back In The Day (04:00)
03. Boney Fields – Crazy ‘Bout You (05:13)
04. Boney Fields – The Change Has Yet To Come (03:48)
05. Boney Fields – What Is Wrong With You (04:24)
06. Boney Fields – Still Together (03:30)
07. Boney Fields – Something’s Holding Me (05:03)
08. Boney Fields – Cross My Heart (03:15)
09. Boney Fields – Control Of You (04:37)
10. Boney Fields – Lisa (Bonus Track) (04:40)
11. Boney Fields – The Thrill Is Gone (03:50)
12. Boney Fields – I Know Yes I Know (04:05)


To stay positive! This is the laudable intention of this new discographic proposal from the American trumpeter and singer Boney Fields. While the international health crisis forced the world to question the meaning of priorities in the heavy silence of widespread confinement, Boney Fields was already thinking about the next step. What is an artist worth if he doesn’t go on stage? Boney Fields has so often experienced these moments of communion with entire crowds that he could not be satisfied with furtive appearances on social networks. So, he preferred to compose intensely in the tranquility of this historic planetary parenthesis. “Just Give Me Some Mo’” is the heartfelt wish of an artist eager to once again feel the vibrations of always breathtaking performances.The musical texture of this new disc resurrects the sparkle of the great groups of yesteryear when the brass majestically supported the guitar solos and the vocal prowess of the blues artisans. “Cross My Heart”, in homage to the harmonica player and singer James Cotton, one of Boney Fields’ heroes and traveling companion, is certainly the title most representative of this hectic groove mood that authentic blues musicians know how to instill . Boney Fields has this almost funk tone mature enough to tickle our ears and make us tap our feet. By revitalizing, for example, “The Thrill Is Gone”, in the spirit of its original author (Roy Hawkins), Boney Fields perpetuates the tradition of the fiery orchestras of yesteryear without altering the modernity of its irresistible tempo.

Much more personal than all his previous albums, “Just Give Me Some Mo’” is also the expression of introspection, that of a man who remembers without drowning in dark nostalgia. He thinks of his mother’s courage, valiantly defying obstacles in an unequal America. “Back in the Day” is not a sad song. It makes you stronger and nourishes faith in the future. This melody is certainly the most touching of the six compositions written by Boney Fields. From “Control of you” to “Something’s holding me” or “I know yes I Know”, he invites us into his intimate biography, the story of a large family agitated by inevitable upheavals which we must face, the destiny of a combative musician who resists adversity.

The vivacious timelessness of the blues, when told with accuracy and insight, always manages to find its legitimacy. The months of reflection and questioning will not have been in vain. They will have given body and tannin to this hectic record which, we bet, will be a landmark. Boney Fields has waited long enough. Does he want more? We’ll give him more! “Just Give Me Some Mo’” will now be a shared leitmotif, that of an insatiable conductor and that of enlightened admirers.

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