Bedouine – Bedouine (2017/2018) [FLAC 24bit, 96 kHz]

Bedouine - Bedouine (2017/2018) [FLAC 24bit, 96 kHz] Download

Artist: Bedouine
Album: Bedouine
Genre: Alternative, Indie
Release Date: 2017/2018
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24bit, 96 kHz
Duration: 36:45
Total Tracks: 10
Total Size: 752 MB


1-01. Bedouine – Nice And Quiet (03:51)
1-02. Bedouine – One Of These Days (02:58)
1-03. Bedouine – Back To You (04:27)
1-04. Bedouine – Dusty Eyes (04:37)
1-05. Bedouine – Solitary Daughter (04:20)
1-06. Bedouine – Summer Cold (02:48)
1-07. Bedouine – Mind’s Eye (03:14)
1-08. Bedouine – You Kill Me (04:13)
1-09. Bedouine – Heart Take Flight (03:45)
1-10. Bedouine – Skyline (02:29)


The soulful debut from Syrian-born, Los Angeles-based Azniv Korkejian showcases the depth of her songwriting and uses Spacebomb Records’ retro sound to create an exquisite, subtle, and wide-eyed collection of songs. Her skepticism reflects a self-awareness that pairs nicely with the wide-eyed wonderment in her music. Korkejian strikes this balance with such delicacy that it’s sometimes hard to believe this is her first album.Bedouine’s (Azniv Korkejian) debut is a delight, drifting with the warmth and ease of a summer day and lightly hued with nostalgia. Musically, she mixes the guitar playing of Bert Jansch and the arrangement of Sibylle Baier (if not as sparse) with a days-gone-by songwriting mentality. Her tunes certainly evoke an older time, one that’s been atop a shelf for a while, curing slowly, aging sweetly. Her vocals evoke those of Vashti Bunyan (though her voice isn’t quite as soft), alternating between a warm hush and deep and direct semi-spoken clarity.

Opener “Nice and Quiet” brings Norah Jones to mind, “Back to You” has a touch of Joni Mitchell (“California city parks, they talk in exclamation marks, I’m still dying to know what’s exciting”) and the delicate “You Kill Me” and “Dusty Eyes” are swoon-worthy tunes. She plays with her phrasing, dancing between tranquil and assertive, and speaks of her fondness for the quieter, simpler moments that life can offer. She invites the listen to sigh along with her, to reflect on matters of the heart and pause to admire the beauty in overlooked things. For a woman who moonlights as a Hollywood music editor and whose hands first held a guitar in her 20s, Bedouine certainly didn’t hesitate once song ideas came tripping along into her mind. Give Bedouine a listen, and allow it to charm you.

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