Beach Fossils – Bunny (2023) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz]

Beach Fossils - Bunny (2023) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz] Download

Artist: Beach Fossils
Album: Bunny
Genre: Indie Rock, Dreampop
Release Date: 2023
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 96 kHz
Duration: 37:26
Total Tracks: 11
Total Size: 783 MB


01. Beach Fossils – Sleeping On My Own (02:42)
02. Beach Fossils – Run To The Moon (03:45)
03. Beach Fossils – Don’t Fade Away (03:22)
04. Beach Fossils – (Just Like The) Setting Sun (03:47)
05. Beach Fossils – Anything Is Anything (04:08)
06. Beach Fossils – Dare Me (02:25)
07. Beach Fossils – Feel So High (03:47)
08. Beach Fossils – Tough Love (02:26)
09. Beach Fossils – Seconds (03:07)
10. Beach Fossils – Numb (04:20)
11. Beach Fossils – Waterfall (03:31)


Brooklyn bedroom-pop trailblazers Beach Fossils’ new album Bunny, is a triumphant return for one of the 2010s most influential NYC bands. Bunny is a precise blend of the luscious dream-pop atmospheres they notoriously honed on their earliest projects, the post-punk vigor expressed on Clash the Truth, and the warm, sophisticated songwriting of Somersault. Composer Dustin Payseur peppers the album equally with descriptions of the joy of fatherhood and the existential pleasure of smoking cigarettes out of a car window with friends – Bunny features Beach Fossils’ most personal lyrics to-date. This is a collection of new favorite tracks for fans of every era of Beach Fossils. Releasing on Payseur and his partner Katie Garcia’s own label, Bayonet Records, Bunny proves to be the culmination of a decade’s worth of growth and experience.There’s a neat trick that Brooklyn’s Beach Fossils pulls off on the band’s fourth album, Bunny, in which time seems suspended. For nearly 40 minutes, no matter where you are, the setting morphs into a lazy summer afternoon where nothing else needs to be done. Dustin Payseur’s songs bounce like paper boats on water (“Tough Love”; “Dare Me” and it lyrical sighs like “Spinning your wheels/ To the edge of this town/ She said, ‘LA’s so small/ When you’re looking straight down'”), jangle and beam with bright rays of guitars (“Anything is Anything”), and find the rhyme in “easy-going” and “melatonin” (“(Just Like the) Setting Sun”). There are shades of Ride’s hazy shoegaze—especially within the humidity-thick layers of “Feel So High,” which lives up to its title—and The Cure’s sunny guitar tones across the board, but especially on cuts like “Sleeping On My Own.” “Run to the Moon” features a great relaxed-fit bassline and a crisp hit of cello and viola to cut through the daydream mist. “Living in New York, it can grind you down,” Payseur sings, world weary as ever. “I tell you it will grind you down.” With Payseur as the only remaining member of the project he began in 2009, there’s a clear thread of melancholy—and being fine with it—through the band’s discography. “Don’t Fade Away,” he has said, is about “missing old friends, being on tour, self-medicating, longing, anxiety, love, being an idiot, having fun, embracing your mistakes and keeping your spark.” “Out on tour/ I just finished/ This pack of cigarettes/ And I don’t even smoke,” he sings on that track, killing time before arriving at the catchy chorus: “She’s novocaine/ It’s all I need/ To ease the pain.” – Shelly Ridenour

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