Austin Wintory – Monaco / Gentleman’s Private Collection – BUNDLE (2013) [FLAC 24bit, 48 kHz]

Austin Wintory - Monaco / Gentleman's Private Collection - BUNDLE (2013) [FLAC 24bit, 48 kHz] Download

Artist: Austin Wintory
Album: Monaco / Gentleman’s Private Collection – BUNDLE
Genre: Soundtrack
Release Date: 2013
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24bit, 48 kHz
Duration: 01:31:46
Total Tracks: 36
Total Size: 925 MB


2013 – What’s Yours Is Mine (by Austin Wintory) (00:47:31)

01. What’s Yours Is Mine
02. Prison Life
03. Hijack at the Hairpin
04. Foreign Affairs
05. Liquidity
06. Manoir Moucharder
07. Turf War
08. Le Port de la Condamine
09. Centre Hospitalier
10. False Teeth
11. The Devil’s Trick
12. Discotheque Rouge
13. Quartier Diamant
14. Pearls Before Swine
15. Casino de Monte Carlo
16. Hotel de Monaco
17. Can’t Resist

2013 – VA – The Gentleman’s Private Collection (00:44:32)

01. Austin Wintory – This City Is My Prison
02. Laura Intravia – As the Sun Sets in Monaco
03. Austin Wintory – Identity
04. Peter Hollens – They Never See Me Coming
05. Videri String Quartet – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes
06. William Kage – Your Life Is Mine
07. Viking Jesus – The Thrill of Thievery
08. Austin Wintory – Jimmyz
09. Austin Wintory – A Very Different Monaco
10. Tina Guo – The Dark Heart of Monte Carlo
11. Tomoki Miyoshi – The Gentleman’s Partita
12. Cris Gale – Song of Banque
13. Austin Wintory – A Slightly Less Different Monaco
14. Mega Ran, Ft. Jermiside – Stick ‘Em
15. Chipzel – Discotheque Rouge, After Hours
16. Austin Wintory – Rats Will Eat Their Own
17. Malukah – Shadows
18. Kristin Naigus – Your Reeds Are Mine
19. Brent Kennedy – Your Mallets Are Mine


I entered the world of MONACO when I caught wind that creator Andy Schatz was on the hunt for licensable solo piano music in the vein of old ragtime-infused silent films. We struck up a conversation and I realized that I simply needed to write this score. When would I *EVER* be exploring that genre of music in a videogame again???

As with most of my videogame soundtracks, what’s presented here is in some cases quite different from the in-game score. But nonetheless I hope it proves sufficiently naughty, jaunty and/or outright whacky enough to make you smile.

“Can’t Resist” features the amazing vocal talents of Laura Vall, best known as the female half of The Controversy. They are fantastic.
www.thecontroversyband.comFOR A LIMITED TIME, the OST will be bundled with the bonus album, THE GENTLEMAN’S PRIVATE COLLECTION, featuring bonus tracks, covers and re-imaginings of the score by the following artists:

Cris Gale
Laura Intravia
Peter Hollens
Tina Guo
Tomoki Miyoshi
Videri String Quartet
Viking Jesus
William Kage

When preparing the OST for MONACO, I started to let my mind wander and (probably because I was surfing through YouTube at the time) I found myself imagining this music through the filter of some of my favorite artists. So, quite simply, I started emailing them. Suddenly I had 11 covers in my lap, covering a huuuugely wide gamut of styles and sensibilities.

I couldn’t be happier with the results.

These 11 artists represent some of the very best in the world at what they do and what they’ve done with my music is an honor truly beyond words.

Also, a PDF of the sheet music to the main theme (“What’s Yours Is Mine”) comes automatically with the purchase of this album.

MONACO is available on XBLA and PC. Details and whatnot can be found here!

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