Arnold Kasar – My Favourite Colours (2023) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz]

Arnold Kasar - My Favourite Colours (2023) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz] Download

Artist: Arnold Kasar
Album: My Favourite Colours
Genre: Classical
Release Date: 2023
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 96 kHz
Duration: 54:55
Total Tracks: 12
Total Size: 1013 MB


01. Arnold Kasar – Kasar: Violet Sunset (04:13)
02. Arnold Kasar – Kasar: Lake and Leaf (06:02)
03. Arnold Kasar – Kasar: Floating (01:55)
04. Arnold Kasar – Kasar: Circles (03:56)
05. Arnold Kasar – Kasar: Cozy Hollow (03:58)
06. Arnold Kasar – Kasar: My Favourite Colours (03:20)
07. Arnold Kasar – Kasar: Galaxy (05:13)
08. Arnold Kasar – Kasar: Refractions (06:16)
09. Arnold Kasar – Kasar: Dandelions (02:29)
10. Arnold Kasar – Kasar: Ghosts (07:56)
11. Arnold Kasar – Kasar: Swan (03:37)
12. Arnold Kasar – Kasar: The Long Now (05:55)


Four years after RESONANZ Arnold Kasar proudly announces the next piano/electronic/crossover album MY FAVOURITE COLOURS. 14 exciting new tracks, starting with the first single VIOLET SUNSET on Feb 10, album release date : May 26.

Arnold Kasar‘s music originates from the intersection of electronic , ambient, and classical piano music. Since his solo debut in 2012, Kasar‘s work has produced surprising blends of these genres. His album „Einfluss“, made in collaboration with Roedelius, was critically acclaimed and set new standards. On the Neue Meister label, Arnold Kasar debuted in 2019 with the album „RESONANZ“. That album is now followed by a similar new album called „MY FAVOU-RITE COLOURS“.For the performance and recording of his works, Arnold Kasar used a prepared piano on many occasions. The resulting sound material was used to develop his own synthesizer and sampling tools, with which he primarily pursues his sound art. The central approach of the new project is the interdisciplinary reference between music and colors. Simple associations and a multitude of scientific writings on the subject, allow philosophical thoughts to circle here. It is not by chance that the term timbres is often referred to as the soundcolor in the context of sound design. „Since my solo debut, I have my own color pallete, so to speak,“ is how Arnold Kasar describes his stylistic means. Most recently, he had also used AI-based algorithms to explore the boundaries between classical composition and postmodern sound textures. This could be heard on the last album „RESONANZ“. With the new album „MY FAVOURITE COLOURS“ Arnold Kasar takes his individual sound language to a new level.

„Since I work and publish as a musician, I constantly think in color associations. My sound language socialized partly from European classical music as well as modern electronic music from all over the world. I believe I hear a melancholic, dark mood in my music. So what are the colors for this dark atmosphere?“.

The album opens with „VIOLET SUNSET“ – a short theme of four notes sails back and forth like a leaf and is then carried away by the wind – this is how one could poetically describe the mood of the piece. „CIRCLES“ combines neoclassical and minimal music with a circulating piano theme.

Relaxation is added with very sparsely placed synthesizer dabs. The ambient piano piece „COZY HOLLOW“ leads with a melancholic melody into a seemingly darkened sound hall, until a Kasar-typical sculpture, based on echo effects, peaceful arpeg-gios and a pleasant deep bass, builds up. In the pia-no piece „MY FAVOURITE COLOURS“ each gently struck note, each run seems to wash a new color into the sand like a long wave. In the middle of the album Arnold Kasar shows his electronic side with the gent-ly swinging „GALAXY“, the epic synthesizer track „REFRACTIONS“ and a dark dystopian foreboding „GHOSTS“. Finally, the album leads into the piece „SWANS“, with tightly led chords that sound like a warm embrace on a cold November day, until in the swans take flight over the misty lake through softly struck octaves in the middle section.

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