Arne Jansen, Stephan Braun – Going Home (2023) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz]

Arne Jansen, Stephan Braun - Going Home (2023) [FLAC 24 bit, 96 kHz] Download

Artist: Arne Jansen, Stephan Braun
Album: Going Home
Genre: Jazz Fusion, Jazz Rock
Release Date: 2023
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 96 kHz
Duration: 51:35
Total Tracks: 10
Total Size: 885 MB


1-01. Arne Jansen – Sailing to Philadelphia (04:11)
1-02. Arne Jansen – Sultans of Swing (05:08)
1-03. Arne Jansen – Romeo and Juliet (05:51)
1-04. Arne Jansen – Your Latest Trick (04:27)
1-05. Arne Jansen – Going Home (02:58)
1-06. Arne Jansen – Calling Elvis (04:25)
1-07. Arne Jansen – Walk of Life (04:16)
1-08. Arne Jansen – Money for Nothing (05:38)
1-09. Arne Jansen – Brothers in Arms (04:58)
1-10. Arne Jansen – Telegraph Road (09:39)


The scent of childhood. The comforting lullaby of the parents. The first kiss. How great it would be if one could preserve the magical impressions of still young life forever! Not in the form of a discoloured snapshot, but in its entire emotional essence. As it were, as an “explosion in the heart”, as the lyrics of the Dire Straits song “Romeo & Juliet” say.What neuroscience in Silicon Valley may still be feverishly experimenting with, guitarist Arne Jansen and cellist Stephan Braun have already succeeded in doing with their album “Going Home” – allowing listeners to participate directly in the magic of the first time. When you were just feeling and without prejudices. Just like Arne Jansen on that holiday in Denmark in the mid-1980s, which began with a bitter disappointment. Instead of the desired “The Three Question Marks” radio play, his father had bought a strange music cassette at the flea market. It was Dire Straits’ “Love Over Gold” with the epic opener “Telegraph Road”. For Jansen, then eight or nine years old, it was a similarly electrifying experience as the jagged lightning bolt on the cover. The Flensburg-born Jansen remembers listening to the cassette, which was initially viewed with such disfavour, up and down.

A chance encounter with long-term consequences: “The song ‘Telegraph Road’ is the reason why I started playing the guitar,” says Jansen. Which was enormously fortunate for the local music scene. “There hasn’t been a jazz guitarist of the calibre of Arne Jansen from Berlin in Germany for decades. Perhaps never before,” was the verdict of the trade magazine Jazzthetik on Jansen’s abilities on his instrument, which have earned him two “ECHO Jazz” awards for the albums “The Sleep of Reason – Ode to Goya” and “Nine Firmaments”.

“Going Home” is the most personal recording of the guitarist, who is known as a congenial string partner of the trumpeter Nils Wülker, among others. Jansen takes the listener on a journey to the roots of his enthusiasm for music. And with every nuanced note, he lets them feel what Dire Straits and their guitarist Mark Knopfler once meant to him and what finely ramified impressions they left on his soul.

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