Antonia Hausmann – Teleidoscope (2022) [FLAC 24bit, 44,1 kHz]

Antonia Hausmann - Teleidoscope (2022) [FLAC 24bit, 44,1 kHz] Download

Artist: Antonia Hausmann
Album: Teleidoscope
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2022
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24bit, 44,1 kHz
Duration: 40:15
Total Tracks: 9
Total Size: 392 MB


01. Antonia Hausmann – Stille Innlegg (06:56)
02. Antonia Hausmann – All You Can Eat (07:03)
03. Antonia Hausmann – Beijing (03:11)
04. Antonia Hausmann – Luž (04:16)
05. Antonia Hausmann – 105 (03:54)
06. Antonia Hausmann – Teleidoscope (06:06)
07. Antonia Hausmann – Schäfer Jonas (01:43)
08. Antonia Hausmann – Niemandsland (05:54)
09. Antonia Hausmann – Let’s Talk (01:07)


A jazz band WITHOUT a bass, but with trombone and bass clarinet and no room for vanity: Antonia Hausmann has an undisguised approach to emotional storytelling – chamber jazz with pop appeal.

The world is a different place when we look at it through a teleidoscope. Everything we focus on comes into a new, sensual order. An order in which colours dominate.The trombonist and composer loves playing with the colours of sound. On her debut album Teleidoscope, Antonia Hausmann encourages people to change their perspective and question their own perception. “As a child I had such an optical toy. And I remembered exactly this teleidoscope when the project slowly took shape. When we play my music and bring it to life, it’s like looking through a teleidoscope. Moods and forms are never fixed and exclusive. They constantly emerge anew in the space between listeners and musicians.” In the foreground for her is the desire to experiment with different instrumentations and variations. Her musical stories are inspired by encounters, moments and impressions that the Leipziger experienced and collected between Upper Lusatia and Beijing. There is no room for vanity in these compositions, instead a wide range of ideas that never seem strained or contrived. The source of this is Hausmann’s undisguised approach to emotional storytelling – chamber jazz with pop appeal.

Teleidoscope presents a jazz ensemble that is special for its instrumentation alone: without bass, but with trombone and bass clarinet. This is a rare pairing, and Hausmann and her wind partner, Damian Dalla Torre, are always able to find new facets of playing together. Complemented by Philipp Scholz (drums) and Johannes Bigge (piano), four busy instrumentalists from the Leipzig scene have come together who share a penchant for complex simplicity. “The development of the band was quite organic from small to large. The starting point was a two-piece concert with Philipp Scholz about five years ago. This duo line-up was ideal and fertile ground for my first compositional works. Johannes heard us at one of these performances and encouraged me to continue working on and recording my pieces. The idea of involving him was born. With Damian, I was sure to have a woodwind player at my side whose sound ideas are very close to my own. I am happy that the formation as it is today is carried by an uncompromising honesty – we are accomplices who have nothing to prove to each other.”

With Antonia Hausmann, a trombonist has entered the scene here who knows how to enrich this subject in her very own way: she has a melodic intuition with which she invites the audience to find their own associations and follow them. It is the big bows, the warm sound and her passionate devotion to the instrument that distinguish her playing. “Of course, it is a great enrichment and honour for me that I could win Nils Wogram as a feature guest for the album. Ever since I was first allowed to work with him, he has consciously and subconsciously influenced and inspired me with his view of music and his way of playing.”

Antonia Hausmann was born in 1990. She completed her studies in Dresden, Leipzig and Lucerne. With self-awareness, she is at home in the worlds of different musical genres: pop and indie (Clueso, Karl die Große, Kat Frankie), songwriter (Sarah Lesch), electronic music (Wooden Peak, Philipp Rumsch Ensemble) and jazz (Trio.Diktion, Volker Heuken Sextet). She has also performed as a solo trombonist in musical readings with Martin Beyer, Michael Mendl, Ewald Arenz or Simone Lappert.

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