Annett Louisan – Kitsch (2020) [FLAC 24bit, 44,1 kHz]

Annett Louisan - Kitsch (2020) [FLAC 24bit, 44,1 kHz] Download

Artist: Annett Louisan
Album: Kitsch
Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 2020
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24bit, 44,1 kHz
Duration: 57:39
Total Tracks: 15
Total Size: 643 MB


1. Annett Louisan – Hello (03:48)
2. Annett Louisan – Bitter Sweet Symphony (04:02)
3. Annett Louisan – I Want It That Way (03:18)
4. Annett Louisan – Bungalow (05:22)
5. Annett Louisan – (I Just) Died In Your Arms (03:18)
6. Annett Louisan – Words (03:38)
7. Annett Louisan – Eternal Flame (03:27)
8. Annett Louisan – Friday I’m In Love (02:50)
9. Annett Louisan – Atemlos durch die Nacht (03:57)
10. Annett Louisan – Nights In White Satin (04:08)
11. Annett Louisan – Marleen (05:02)
12. Annett Louisan – Reality (04:42)
13. Annett Louisan – Torn (03:29)
14. Annett Louisan – Somewhere Over The Rainbow (03:08)
15. Annett Louisan – Bungalow (Single Edit) (03:22)


Annett covers stylishly and high – quality the really big Hits-from “Hello” to “Reality” to “Marleen”. The list is long and stretches over several Hit decades.Annett Louisan is one of the most successful musicians in Germany. In 2004 she became a star almost overnight with” Das Spiel”. Not only the radio stations fell in love with the feather-light pop song. For example, the” Spiegel “wrote of a” small hymn to female self-confidence “and certified Louisan texts without the”immanent embarrassment” of the German songs so often. Their debut “Bohème” reached Gold status after six weeks and platinum status after nine weeks, making it one of the fastest – selling debut albums in German music history. A success, on which the Hamburg woman did not rest. On the contrary: six albums followed until today, all of them reached the top chart regions. Over 1.5 million copies of her CDs have been sold to date or streamed in recent times. Many of Annett Louisan’s Songs have one thing in common: Annett Louisan’s search for a place outside her own comfort zone, the will to stage her small, big Songs in such a way that they dig deep into the listener’s ear. In 2016, she was part of the Vox success show “Sing meinen Song-das Tauschkonzert”. last year, she released “Kleine große Liebe”, an Album on which the Hamburg native spoke directly about her life with her incomparable voice, about an artist’s path to growing up and taking responsibility for herself and others.

Now “Kitsch”. The term is one of the ten German words that are most difficult to translate. In English, but also in French and Turkish, “Kitsch” has therefore been adopted without further ado. The definitions of Kitsch are numerous. None of them is as beautiful as this record.

“For me, the Album is a tender bow to artists from different generations and to their Songs, all of which have the commonality of touching us, in different emotional situations,” says Annett Louisan. “With my versions, I tried to feel the messages hidden in the titles, and interpreted the Songs in my own way with all appreciation and made them emotionally my own.“

Creating your own world: in fact, it is exactly what Annett Louisan succeeds overwhelmingly in “Kitsch”. It gives every song Annett Louisan character-whether it’s a 40-year-old Radio number or a pop song from the present.

The idea for the Album was born during the corona lockdown. No easy time for Annett Louisan. All concerts for the year were cancelled – there were many – and suddenly she found herself almost completely thrown back on herself. “I heard an unbelievable amount of music. Maybe as much as last time as a child. Listening, thinking into the artistic world of many colleagues formed my mental and emotional retreat in these weeks.”Finally, she came up with the idea of forming a Cover record out of the songs that take you into a familiar safe world. On the first day after the lockdown, she and her team flew to Vienna.

Like Annett’s first album with cover versions, the 2016 release” Berlin, Cape Town, Prague”,” Kitsch ” was created in a congenial collaboration with the great producer Tobias Kuhn. In a magical place in Vienna, in the former New Zealand Embassy, in the darkest period of the corona crisis, ugly social-Distancing was above all. But then a small miracle happened: Annett and Tobias instead approached the beautiful compositions and lyrics they had chosen for the Album, thus also their messages came closer and closer.

The working principle was one that has become rare in Pop: instead of working on the recordings for a long time, going to the Studio again and again and again, the approach of Annett Louisan and her musicians was spontaneity and directness. “We recorded 14 Songs in 14 days. Most of the time I sang in the directing room while the Band was playing. And often there were already Takes that you could take. It doesn’t always have to be complicated!“

You can listen to every note of the album. Because Annett Louisan sings the works of others with her sense of style and respect, but not with exaggerated awe, every Song and every Interpretation makes you curious. And because, on the other hand, she never shies away from revealing their deep musical structures, she gives them each their own Note.

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