Ages and Ages – Something To Ruin (2016) [FLAC, 24bit, 96 kHz]

Ages and Ages - Something To Ruin (2016) [FLAC, 24bit, 96 kHz] Download

Artist: Ages and Ages
Album: Something To Ruin
Genre: Alternative, Indie
Release Date: 2016
Audio Format: FLAC (tracks) 24bit, 96 kHz
Duration: 40:29
Total Tracks: 11
Total Size: 825 MB


01. Ages and Ages – They Want More (04:42)
02. Ages and Ages – Kick Me Out (03:44)
03. Ages and Ages – Something To Ruin (04:19)
04. Ages and Ages – So Hazy (03:19)
05. Ages and Ages – My Cold Reflection (03:17)
06. Ages and Ages – All of My Enemies (02:05)
07. Ages and Ages – Cascadia Waving Back (03:48)
08. Ages and Ages – I’m Moving (03:34)
09. Ages and Ages – Now I Know (03:21)
10. Ages and Ages – Caught Up In It (04:52)
11. Ages and Ages – As It Is (03:26)

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If Ages and Ages’ debut album Alright You Restless declared independence from the cynicism and self-consciousness plaguing a generation; and the follow-up Divisionary was an exercise in confronting change, conflict, and loss; Something to Ruin confronts the debris of our collective failures and asks whether we might be better off letting go and starting over. Recorded at Isaac Brock’s studio (Ice Cream Party), this album still has plenty of the infectious and joyful melodies the band is known for, but this time the stakes are higher. It raises questions about facing our society’s collective wreckage both environmentally and culturally.
A band started by Tim Perry with the purpose of making uplifting music with sunny harmonies, Ages and Ages succeeded in doing just that on their 2011 debut. They managed to duplicate the tone on their sophomore outing, despite its being marked by darker, more philosophical lyrics motivated by personal loss. Ages and Ages face a similar challenge on Something to Ruin, an album set against a backdrop of corporatization, gentrification, and exploding real estate prices in their base of Portland. With membership (11 credited here) spread across the Pacific Northwest, it’s a relatable topic for those in many other cities, big and small, at the time of its release. The gravity is even captured on cover art that shows elephants roaming the streets of a city in dystopian ruin. Can the music possibly be peppy, especially with titles like “Kick Me Out” and “I’m Moving” among the track list? While the lyrics aren’t always optimistic, Ages and Ages’ rustic indie pop does deliver on their mission, if it’s a bit tempered by a somber reality. The opening track, “They Want More,” brings this quality to its lively strummed guitar, tambourine and drums, and sweet group harmonies, all supporting a melody fit for a singalong. Still, that melody delivers the somewhat ominous “They want more than what you got left/And they want more than what you wanna give/And you can’t fake the feelings you get/And you can’t escape it anymore.” The message is brighter on “So Hazy,” a melodic rap and group chorale about muddled thoughts that features Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock. (The album was recorded in his studio in Portland.) If, on average, the album’s enthusiasm is muted, it’s still stacked with infectious melodies, warmth, and Perry’s engaging songcraft. The trippier “As It Is” closes the album on a hopeful note: “You’re gonna find your peace and anonymity.” Though Something to Ruin may not be an escapist work, it does deliver feel-good tunes with substance, and that may prove to be even more of a comfort. –AllMusic Review by Marcy Donelson

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