Aarne Pelkonen, Juho Alakärppä – Last Songs (2023) [FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 96 kHz]

Aarne Pelkonen, Juho Alakärppä - Last Songs (2023) [FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 96 kHz] Download

Artist: Aarne Pelkonen, Juho Alakärppä
Album: Last Songs
Genre: Classical
Release Date: 2023
Audio Format:: FLAC (tracks) 24 bit, 96 kHz
Duration: 01:07:55
Total Tracks: 21
Total Size: 1,06 GB


1-01. Aarne Pelkonen – Liebesbotschaft, Schwanengesang, D. 957: I (02:50)
1-02. Aarne Pelkonen – Kriegers Ahnung, Schwanengesang, D. 957: II (04:59)
1-03. Aarne Pelkonen – Frühlingssehnsucht, Schwanengesang, D. 957: III (03:40)
1-04. Aarne Pelkonen – Ständchen, Schwanengesang, D. 957: IV (03:40)
1-05. Aarne Pelkonen – Aufenthalt, Schwanengesang, D. 957: V (03:02)
1-06. Aarne Pelkonen – In Der Ferne, Schwanengesang, D. 957: VI (05:59)
1-07. Aarne Pelkonen – Abschied, Schwanengesang, D. 957: VII (04:24)
1-08. Aarne Pelkonen – Norden, Six Songs, OP. 90: I (02:23)
1-09. Aarne Pelkonen – Hennes budskap, Six Songs, OP. 90: II (01:25)
1-10. Aarne Pelkonen – Morgonen, Six Songs, OP. 90: III (02:28)
1-11. Aarne Pelkonen – Fågelfängaren, Six Songs, OP. 90: IV (01:45)
1-12. Aarne Pelkonen – Sommarnatten, Six Songs, OP. 90: V (02:37)
1-13. Aarne Pelkonen – Vem styrde hit din väg, Six Songs, OP. 90: VI (02:45)
1-14. Aarne Pelkonen – Narciss, JS 140 (02:11)
1-15. Aarne Pelkonen – Der Atlas, Schwanengesang, D. 957: VIII (02:25)
1-16. Aarne Pelkonen – Ihr Bild, Schwanengesang, D. 957: IX (03:11)
1-17. Aarne Pelkonen – Das Fischermädchen, Schwanengesang, D. 957: X (02:15)
1-18. Aarne Pelkonen – Die Stadt, Schwanengesang, D. 957: XI (02:55)
1-19. Aarne Pelkonen – Am Meer, Schwanengesang, D. 957: XII (04:11)
1-20. Aarne Pelkonen – Der Doppelgänger, Schwanengesang, D. 957: XIII (04:42)
1-21. Aarne Pelkonen – Die Taubenpost, Schwanengesang, D. 957: XIV (03:57)


Celebrating their 10th anniversary, Aarne Pelkonen and the distinguished lied pianist Juho Alakärppä are releasing their first joint album. Last Songs, which will be released on Friday, April 28, contains the last remaining songs of Franz Schubert and Jean Sibelius.The Last Songs album of Aarne Pelkonen, who started his professional career by winning the Lappeenranta singing competitions in 2013, and the lied-pianist Juho Alakärpä, who has won merit in several national and international competitions, presents the last song collections of two composers who differ from each other in many ways. The album recorded in the Järvenpää house is the first joint album by the duo who met fifteen years ago and started working together in the corridors of the Sibelius Academy. Last Songs is also Texicalli Records’ first classical music release.

When we got to know each other in the cramped rehearsal booths of the Sibelius Academy’s T-building, a journey full of stages began, which has continued for 15 years already. Our first duo album to be released now is the end point for our beloved composers’ songs or for their whole life, but for us it is the gateway to a new adventure, say Aarne Pelkonen and Juho Alakärppä, who over the years have also studied in Central Europe under the guidance of industry gurus and performed together in Finland and abroad.

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